International Comedy Festival 2K5


Last night I had the pleasure of attending the “International Comey Festival 2K5” at the Hilton. It was amazing. I have not laughed so much at one time in a while. Tony Hendriks, Jamaican Paleface who closed the show delivered a top class performance, although in my opinion, he was not the best performer of the night. He did have me laughing but some of the best of the acts of the night was Trevor Eastmond from Barbados, Donna Hadad from Trinidad (I think), Ity and Fancy Cat, and of course, Christopher “Johnny” Daley and Donald “Iceman” Anderson. They stole the show for me. Comedy and Music are 2 powerful elements in our interaction as a people. These are 2 things that can bring us together, people from all cultures, all walks of life, no matter our circumstance.

One topic which featured in several acts was the issue about gays … (man, can’t go anywhere, or read anything without hearing about gay people). Now, one act told the story about going to a particular caribbean island which referred to gays as “Bulla” … which happens to be a long time treat for Jamaicans. They went on to say that during their act was talking about how much they like “Bulla” and remarked at the # of men who were waiting for them backstage as a result of that statement. It is amazing how different things are viewed and interpreted in different cultures. Even the Bajan comedian was making fun of his own people. The usual acts J’Cans love, the imitations of the Prime Minister, ex-Leader of the Opposition, Bob Marley were all featured. On a whole, the show was great and I got more than my money’s worth for 4 hours full of laughter. It was a lovely end to a great and wonderful weekend for me!

Hope it was good for everyone else too!!


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