I don’t know what you heard about me …


In honour of Miss Margo’s I’m In A Mood, here is my top ten list of celebrities I would be caught on the internet with if I was “Paris Hilton” aka super slut for a day:

I feel the need for speed whenever I see Jeff Gordon. He has a “mousketeer” look to him but I could see myself making him blossom into a real man. Wanna rev my engine Jeffy??

When one hears the name Napoleon, one immediately things of the powerful Napoleon from the 18th century. But, I would join the Geek Squad in a heartbeat to get jiggy with John Heder – Mr. Napoleon Dynamite himself.

Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Belair … what the hell is he doing with Jada? Yeah she’s hot but she’s way too short for him. He needs to get with a real woman, all 5’4″ of me … yeah … I’m all woman Will!

John Travolta, Mr. Saturday Night Fever, with all the sexy dance moves and cute ass to boot … c’mon baby …

Jaoquin Phoenix …. I like them kinda weird. From Signs to The Village, this guy is just creepy and I’m lovin’ it.

U2’s Bono … absolutely sexy. I would luv to get stuck in a moment and can’t get out … with him!!

Sean Paul, Dutty Yeah … I wanna get dirty with you Sean Da Paul … Let’s Get Busy!! Forget Sasha and Blu Cantrel.

LL Cool J – everyone’s always talking about the way he licks his lips and I just have to concur with them. I would gladly have those lips all over me (if I wasn’t spoken for of course) … it is indeed tantalizing.

50 Cent, NYC Thug who’s just the type of chocolate I like – DARK! I don’t know what you heard about me “fitty”, but I’d like you to be my P.I.M.P., give me the Magic Stick and I’ll take you to my Candy Shop … uh huh

And my #1 celebrity I would be caught on the internet with is

Usher Raymond – He’s got my program. I don’t care how many confessions he’s made. When he gets with me, there will be no need for confessions unless it is about how much he loves me!!

So there you have it. If I were Paris Hilton for a day …. man, I’d be really naughty!


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