I Wonder …


What is true happiness? I wonder about this emotion that seems to elude so many people these days. It’s like everyone you meet, talk to, hear about, has some sad story about their life. It is so depressing to hear about all that is happening in the world and even moreso, closer to home. How can one accomplish true happiness in life? Happiness lately seems to be defined by how much money you make, where you live, what kind of car you drive or the kind of clothes you wear. The school your children go to, the school your child passed for in the GSAT exams, the extra-curricular activities your children are involved in. How many women a man can sleep with, how much money a woman can get a man to give her. How thin you are, how long your hair is, if you can afford to get your hair and nails done every week. The list just goes on and on and on.

But … how does a person define happiness in their own life? One must not live solely by the double standards set by society. Happiness is about 101% contentment, seeing the silver lining behind the cloud in every situation, peace of mind and joy beyond a thousand words.

Happiness!! Everyone!


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  1. Short stay in Grenada and then was in Barbados for 1 week. Came back on 23/7. Back home for a week now and longing for the AC in the hotel room. It is so hot!!

  2. “How many women a man can sleep with” …What’s your point(:-?

    No seriously… I’m really… really… really! Happy… Did I mention REALLY…(:-?

  3. Happiness is… whatever works for you.

    Hi!! I found out that you were linked to me, so I popped in to check you out; I love what you’ve got here, so I’ve put in a link to you on my blog, and I’ll use it to come and visit you!! 🙂

  4. Omni, this is such an honour! I mentioned you in a post of mine and wish that I was able to comment on yours. You have some good stuff yourself. Thanks for stopping in. I’ve been really busy and not posting everyday as I would like but I hope to post again very very soon.

  5. is so long I haven’t been here?….wow…not good. Happiness is what is important to each person. It changes with evryone I guess.

  6. Anonymous,
    I tried to access the page you sent but wasn’t able to. I hope it wasn’t a virus!!! Please resend it so I can check it out.

  7. First time I stopped by your site on the way from Sunsetman and love the way you write, specially this post. That you say happiness is something to accomplish, like we can learn to be happy. I believe something like that. It’s almost like something we can grow in us. True happiness can only come from ourselves not from things on the outside, things you mention that are supposed to GIVE us happiness.
    Now I believe I was happy inside all my life, even though my outer life was difficult. After the healing I received from my work (the story I’m telling in my blog) I found my inner happiness and it spread to my outer life.

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