Overwhelming Response


It is amazing how you can touch someone’s life in such a small way, you may not even realize that you had an impact. I know it may seem insignificant to some readers but just the fact that something I write can draw people into my little blog circle is an overwhelming feeling for me. When I started this blog over a year ago, I didn’t even imagine that persons more than the 2 people I told I had a blog would be stopping by here to get little tidbits of my life (no matter how boring) and my thoughts (no matter how ridiculous). I just wanted y’all to know that I appreciate you stopping by, taking time out of the busy lifestyles we all live, to read my rantings and to comment on those rants. You guys rock and I’m glad I have you to keep my company.

So, what’s been happening to me these last few weeks. Nothing really. Just the same old, same old, a lot of work as usual. Not much on the social scene and I’m now feeling older and older each day. One of the big events in my life now is that I’m working on buying a home. For those who have already achieved that milestone, I’m sure you can understand the anxiety I feel about this new venture and am just praying that all will go well. I expect some hitches … without these can you imagine how boring life would be???? So, I’ll keep you posted on that as it progresses.

On another note, I have taken the “plunge” and am now enjoying CWJ’s ADSL service. I’m loving it so far and thinking how much longer before I decide to upgrade to the Full DSL package … hhhmmmm … I wonder … let’s see.

That’s about it for now. Catch up with you all!


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