The Perfect Man


Well, it’s another weekend, another Saturday night and I’m in the comfort of home, alone tonight which is a plus. I’m cutely attired in a very very short mini jeans skirt, a tank top with no bra, hair simply pulled back in one, lip gloss and my million dollar smile! I’m feeling pretty!

Today I checked a friend of mine who is my constant supply of boot leg DVDs and he asked me if I wanted to watch the movie “The Perfect Man”. My response to this was not the expected response from the fairer sex, but I basically hissed my teeth and asked him what else he had. I ended up taking Four Brothers, Devil’s Rejects, The Skeleton Key and Passa Passa 37 :-). Now, why did I respond in that unexpected manner? I told him that no such thing exists and I really don’t think I should subject myself to another hollywood attempt to paint this wonderful picture of the lonely mother and a daughter playing matchmaker by inventing an imaginary man who is “perfect” to woo her mother and find a real life suitor to play the part. Sorry, I’m not feeling that B-S right about now. With all the talk Trouble and I have been doing about the perfect opposite sex partner, the dos and don’ts of coupling, I just felt it prudent of me to say …. we all know there’s no perfect person, no one that will meet all our every criteria … but there is someone out there for us to make our knees wobble, our heart melt, our face flush a deep deep red (for ladies) and whatever happens to the male species when they have found “The One”.

Quite a lame rant for a Saturday night but … what the hell …


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  1. Hi CD, I think I’ll leave this topic alone. I’m fine with my wife as life partner. I think we’ve done quite well together so far.

  2. Stunner,
    Thanks for stopping by! I just love when I get new commenters, especially from yaad! Will be checking you out.

    Sratchie, good for you!

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