When does it end?


Paying through our teeth at the gas pumps – J$1,900
Paying a power company who fails to deliver consistent power supply – J$5,000 per month … And soon to be paying more to the dreadful JPS – sucks!!
Increased GCT … yeah, I’m still not over that!

When does it end for the lower class? In the words one of the most popular Jamaican DJs Vybez Cartel:

“How everyting a raise up, but unnu nah raise nuh baddy pay”

I wish we were more united as a people to take a stand in a meaningful way to the oppression we face. We all just sit down and take what is dished out to us by politicians and it is so sad. For those who voted them into power, we are supposed to hold them accountable. I know we are not living in a society where this is an easy task but, if we were to take a stand against some of the injustices, our voices would have to be heard. But, we are too caught up bad minding others and bickering about insignificant trivialities that in no way affect the price of bread a the supermarket.

When does it end? How much more will we be forced to take before we take a stand?

Just some things to think about.


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