What A Night …


It rained most of last night. I fell asleep early and got up a little after 12 to the sound of drizzling raindrops. It started to rain harder and is still raining on and off right this minute.

I absolutely love the rain. It is one of the most erotic pieces of nature for me. I enjoyed it immensely last night, listening to the raindrops beat against my roof and window. I was so tempted to get in the nude and go outside, stand there and let it pound my body. Crazy thoughts but I couldn’t because there are about 3 pervert men who live in close proximity who I’ve caught eyeing my ass as I go up my stairs on a daily basis, especially when I’m in shorts.

The rain is kinda putting a “damper” (no pun intented of course) on me getting my car washed! It is absolutely dirty having not been washed for about a week now … gotta get that done today!

I would love for this rain to continue through into tonight so that I can make the most of it in those erotic ways I love so much …

Catch you later.


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