We still suck!


Why do we always have communication problems with our fellow man? It is amazing with all the ways to communicate these days and we still suck at it! Telephone, letters, fax, emails, blogs, IM and yet people continue to misunderstand what we say and vice versa, ending up in a mood of frustration for not having achieved the objective set out to achieve.

In reading an article published by the University of Colarado, communication problems exist for a variety of reasons on each side of the communication equation, i.e., speaker and listener.

Also, the age old saying, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” is one that rings true to this day. We continue to ignore the non-verbal ways people communicate with us and then say “what did I miss?” when you get a reaction or response you were not expecting and certainly one you don’t think was appropriate.

So, how do we solve this? The famous George Bernard Shaw has a quote:

“The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place”

There is no easy way to solve this. It is just something that the 2 parties must work on in order to reach a common ground. The truth is that some people communicate more effectively than others and it is just a matter of dealing with that in a way that will resolve whatever the problem is.

But … the question is … are we game?


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  1. Truly one of the biggest problems we as humans have.

    IM is a method of communication that always leads to misunderstanding on all sides involved in a conversation.

    Just returning the recent visit/comment you made to my site.

    And BTW, the bracelet and ring in the post below look nice. It nuh too early to request it from Mr. CD for Xmas, at least it gives him some time to put some funds down towards the purchase…if he needs to 😉

  2. Communication is clearly a two way process and the most misused process we humans have. It’s the source of many confrontations. MOst people are not game, because they don’t have the skills required and are not willing to learn them either.

  3. Great post. Communication is an incredible problem especially when only one person tries to communicate and the other resorts to Tim Taylor grunts. 🙂

  4. To communicate all parties need to be involved. Active listening is required so as not to misunderstand what the other is saying. Speaking or writing well, that is correct use of the language, is needed. One problem we all have is that we stop listening because we “know” what the other is saying or meaning.

    On the template and/or page appearance: All I want from a persons page is to be able to read it. I care more about the writing/information than appearance. Some blogs are so organize (pretty?) They are hard to read. That is just the practical engineer in me as you can tell from my boring template. But that said, the blog need to meet the needs/wants of the owner as that is who is to be pleased. Have fun, change it every day if you want.

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