A Little Inspiration


This is one of the daily inspiration emails I subscribe to … (yeah … I do) and thought I’d share it with you all as it is so relevant to our everyday lives. Be inspired!

Crickets and Scorpions

I usually spend time in prayer at five a.m. each morning.

I shall relay a lesson that God taught me very dramatically
during one of those early morning sessions.
I pray in a closet that is actually the vocal booth
of our former home music studio.  It is soundproof.
As I entered clad only in shorts, I heard the sound of a cricket chirping. 
There in the shadow, I saw the cricket.
It was very close to where I sit on the floor each day.

"Sit down and don't bother the cricket,"
I heard a soft voice speak in my spirit.

I obeyed.
I turned out the light and sat in total darkness and silence.
I felt something crawl up on my leg.

"Don't bother the cricket," I heard the voice say again,
"I am trying to teach you something."

"You need to learn to distinguish the difference between
crickets and scorpions in life.  Don't bother the cricket."

The cricket crawled.  It is an eerie feeling to say the least. 
I wasn't afraid of the cricket.  I knew it couldn't harm me.
It wouldn't bite, sting, or even so much as scratch me. 
It was just a highly annoying and extremely icky feeling.
A cricket crawling all over you.  I let the cricket crawl for almost a minute
until I couldn't stand it anymore.  I brushed the cricket off,
turned on the light, picked it up in my hand, and took it outside and let it go.

I understood what God was trying to show me.

Life has scorpions and crickets.

Scorpions are the things that can hurt us; things that are truly
destructive and dangerous.  Crickets are the things that have
absolutely no power to hurt us, they are just irritating.
They get on our nerves; they try our patience.

I saw things differently after emerging from prayer that day.

I realized that the vast majority of the things that really
irked me

...were crickets.

The vast majority of the things that irk you

...are crickets.

Don't bother the crickets
and don't let the crickets bother you.

~A MountainWings Original~

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