Da Real Man


I had a conversation with a guy yesterday and it got me thinking about just how some men are. This post may yank some chains and if it offends anyone who may not share my views, get over it!

The guy was basically saying that his father warned him about women who want to act as though they wear the pants in the relationship, like she’s the man. Now, he was not able to back up or justify his point by explaining just what his father meant. I could only assume that he himself was still trying to understand what he meant. However, he went on to say that some women don’t allow a man to be a man. Now, I will not disagree but I asked him if he stopped to think why this could be so. There are a few of men out there who don’t deserve to be called men. They act worse than a 4 year old who just got a bowl of ice cream with M & Ms on top with Hershey Chocolate Syrup!! There are so many women who are playing the role of man and woman in a household, in a family. I have friends who do everything in their relationship … including what would be considered a man’s job. Why? Why? I just can’t understand.

Some women may think that I’m not for femininity, women’s lib and independence. We all know that there is nothing that a man can do that a woman can’t. We may not be better at it but if need be, we won’t be left out in the cold just because we don’t have a man. Now, this is a concern to men. Now-a-days, you hardly find men doing simple things like holding the door for a woman. Some men say women no longer appreciate that kind of stuff and this might be true.
I am all for making a man feel like a man. Nothing is worse when a man feels like he’s being short-changed, disrespected or put down … especially by the fairer sex. I remember once I had to put a man in his place in front of one of his boys just to prove a point. He was an asshole anyway and was acting like he was “da man” just because his friends were around. A real man does not need to front to prove his masculinity. The level of maturity a man displays, the level of responsibility he accepts, the way he interacts with his mate/partner/wife/boo and with his peers is what will corroborate his masculinity and manhood. If you are a real man, everyone will know it and respect it.


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