Necessity or Just Because?


I remember the days when getting a Masters Degree was done out of a need to do so; to become a doctor, lawyer, nuclear physicist or some profession that required more in depth knowledge. Now-a-days, it seems that getting a Masters Degree of any sort has become a fashion statement. I know several persons now who are just doing a masters degree just to say they’re doing it and just to eventually say they have one. They don’t believe that it will move them up the corporate ladder in any way, they are not doing it in a field they love or that forms a part of their career goal. They are just doing it … just because.

It costs J$1M to do an MBA with no guarantee of a better job, a better pay or even a better life. It seems the Masters has now become kind of a fashion statement with the to-bes in society.

Personally, if I could afford to do the MBA, I would. But we’re talking about enough money to make a deposit on a home or buy a home for that matter and I just don’t think I need to do that right now. My BBA is good enough for now. There are many persons who are making a decent living without more than a high school diploma … and I mean legally making a decent living, not criminal elements who survive on extortion or drug-running.

Until I can either:
1) Get a scholarship to do my masters or
2) Have my company pay for me to do my masters or
3) Get a great job so I can afford to pay for my masters or
4) They start giving away masters for little or nothing ….

I will not be caught up in the “fad” of doing a Masters Degree just because.


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  1. I feel you CoolDestiny. The cost for a masters programme could pay down on a matches box house, much better than paying rent!

    It does seem like a fshion statement, everyone wants to be able to say “I am doing my masters…” or “I have a masters degree…”

    There are a lot of successful people making more money than I can dream of who only have a cople of CXCs. And getting a masters don’t gaurantee a high paying job.

    Like you I’ll just wait on the freeness fi do mine.

  2. is true (somewhat), TD. If you don’t possess the skillz already, people will know it and the Masters won’t take you far. If you have the skillz, well, they’ll shine for all to see.

  3. Hey cd I too agree about the fashion thing I wish there was some way I could get a better job without a degree when I went to pay my school fees I was thinking I would so rather spend this money on a disney cruise for my family instead you know do some fun thing with it instead. And I always say when you do something to impress people it wears off pretty quickly doesn’t it? and then what? you look for something else to do that is in fashion its just not worth it.

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