Forces of Evil


A couple nights ago, I watched the movie, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. I have a passion for movies about the supernatural, particularly those that have themes about demonic possession. Among my favourites have been Stigmata and The Ninth Gate, Emily Rose now being added to my list.

Everytime I watch these movies, it gets my mind in a place that is sometimes very scary. I have a curious mind when it comes to the supernatural, demonic possession and religious rituals, but have a fear of being penetrated by the evil forces that control these states of mind. I was brought up in the church and believe in God. While I’ve not been an active church goer for about 4 years now, my relationship with God has never dwindled. However, the forces of the devil are so strong that I sometimes wonder if I should shy away from watching these types of movies, seeking information about evil. Technology has taken things a step further by incoporating visions of evil in cartoons, made-for-tv movies, video games, things that once were thought of to simply be a means of entertainment.

Is it possible that all the evil that permeates the earth today be as a result of mankind opening its mind to becoming possessed more easily than in the past? Some of the acts being committed these days leave one only to wonder what could possess a person to commit an act such as those we have seen across the world in the last 10 years or so. Evil has existed since the beginning of time, but have we turned our backs on religion and God, thus making ourselves more vulnerable to be overcome by the dark angel?

These are questions to which I had the answers. I tread carefully whenever I am putting myself in a position to be exposed to direct evil, and avoid it at all costs.

Watching this movie got me thinking too about how I would deal with a situation such as this, or if I was in the same situation as this young girl, what effect it would have on my family and loved ones. It’s very scary but I simply keep God in my midst.


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