It’s Rainin’ My Body’s Callin’


It’s been raining consistently for the past 9 days I’ve been told, only having returned on Friday in rain and it has been raining ever since … non-stop … heavy … light … moderate … and all other meteorological terms used to describe the weather.

Most people are quite annoyed with the rain considering it has caused the postponement of several events scheduled to be celebrated over this holiday weekend. I can’t say I blame them, but for me … personally … I LOVE THE RAIN. Just listening to the sounds of it beating against my window, on my room, my car glass and on me, it is just so soothing, mesmerizing and extremely erotic. I think the rain is just sexy.

Can anyone name the tune and singer of my blog title for today? Sorry … no cool prizes to offer but think it might be fun to add a guessing game today.

I drove through the bog walk gorge the on Friday evening and believe me, it is a sight when that Rio Cobre river is as angry as it has been in all this rain. I took some video of it with my camera and will attempt to post it shortly.

Today, my parents and I are going to a sort of family reunion in Westmoreland so I’m just killing time waiting for the bus to come with the rest of the kin to take us down. I’m not enthused about going on a bus on such a long journey. I feel uncomfortable taking a bus from home to work, something I’ve not done in the past 7 years or so. So I’m hoping that everything will go well. I’m silently praying that they will postpone the trip but don’t think they will, considering that a few family members came from the states just for the event.

So, good mornin’ to y’all and hope you have a great, fun-filled WET WET day!


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  1. Yeh fi real! Man it has been raining for over a week now! I don’t even remember what the sun looks like!

    Hope you do enjoy the reunion though.

  2. Gosh darn it, I missed it! You know I could have told you the name of the artist AND the year that it came out! (R.Kelly does have a tune pretty close though…)

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