Holiday … Celebrate …


I really need to stop coming with these “song-inspired” titles … any guesses for this one?

I’m home again today having been boxed in by the effects of Wilma, making all major roads on which I would drive to get to work completely impassable. I was lucky enough to make it through Sligoville and into Portmore but that was where my journey ended. Another day wasted, another day unproductive, another day of rest. I don’t mind the resting part but when I think about the pile up of work that will be there waiting for me, especially since I’d been gone all of last week, I’m sure whatever rest I’ve gotten will be eroded in a heartbeat whenever I do get back to work.

In the absence of anything of significance to post, here is a joke for you to have a laugh, no matter how small. Take care everyone:

Diary of A Woman’s 6-Day Bahamas Cruise


I am all packed and ready to get on the cruise ship. I’ve packed all my pretty dresses and make-up. I’m really excited.


We spent the entire day at sea. It was beautiful and we saw some whales and dolphins. What a wonderful vacation this has started to be. I met the Captain today and he seems like a very nice man.


I spent some time in the pool today. I also did some shuffle boarding and hit some golf balls off the deck. The Captain invited me to join him at his table for dinner. I felt honored and we had a wonderful time. He is a very attractive and attentive gentleman.


Went to the ship’s casino … did OK … won about $80. The Captain invited me to have dinner with him in his state room. We had a luxurious meal complete with caviar and champagne. He asked me to stay the night but I declined. I told him there was no way I could be unfaithful to my husband.


Went back to the pool today and got a little sunburned. I decided to go to the piano bar and spend the rest of the day inside. The Captain saw me and bought me a couple of drinks. He really is a charming gentleman. He again asked me to visit him for the night and again I declined. He told me that if I didn’t let him have his way with me he would sink the ship. I was appalled.


I saved 1600 lives today …. twice …


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  1. I stayed at home all day, school was cancelled and if I lived outa town I definately wouldn’t be going to work. They called me from work for some overtime, since two of my coworkers living in your area couldn’t make (they were smart lol, but the bed did feel too good.

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