“ …One Bottle of Milk of Magnesia, Please … “


Antigua Trip Conclusion

The food sucked. Put plainly and simply. I spend a lot of time in the loo on account of the “fine cuisine” at the hotel. My stomach is a funny one, doesn’t deal too well with drastic culinary changes. So, I was well prepared with my trusty stomach aids aka Tums, Extra Strength (maybe I should have put that in the title). I won’t gross you out with the details of size, frequency, colour, consistency, etc. of by BM … that would be too much for you to handle.

After about 3 days, Wednesday evening to be exact, was when my tummy was almost back to normal … 2 days before my return home, at which time, my stomach will go through the process all over again! Not a picnic for sure.

Anyhow, the week turned out to be nice. Apart from the learning experience, I got a chance to meet some very nice people, display my singing talent at a Karaoke, displayed my dancing talent to the group as punishment for being late one afternoon, and watching some of the other participants’ tearful goodbyes as we left the hotel on Friday morning. All in all a good week, with a few (un)-mention-ables …. 🙂

C ya everyone.


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  1. That’s classified … how much yu willing to pay? If the price is right, maybe, just maybe, we can work something out (smile)

    SIG, I had carried some Devon Digestive Chocolate covered wheatmeal biscuits … good thing!

  2. I wonder if is not he water….not to say that the water in Antigua is bad…sometimes different water results in an alteration in our bacterial flora and that sets things a bit off….sometimes happens to me when I go to Fla.

    I’ve been in transit in Antigua about three times but have never come out the airport.

    So, you will lead off the blogger Karyoke! 🙂

  3. so.. spent most of your time in the loo eh? Sounds like my trip to Mexico…. a memory i’m eager to forget! Glad you toughed it out tho and were able to make the best of the trip. You sang!? I havent heard you sing since…. high school! Ha awesome!

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