After all the rains, now the sunshine and now this. The picture you are looking at is a picture of a section of the Bog Walk gorge. Yes, people, the road that has been blocked/closed since the heavy rains. Don’t ask how I got to be taking this pic this morning but for those who might be wondering what it’s like around there … this is only one of the worst sections there. The men who were hustlin’ and letting us through, told us that the hole was approximately 10 ft deep and they have filled it with rocks, dirt, etc. to a level so as to allow vehicles to pass. No rally cars please, no lowered VTEC Integras, no Evos, no imprezzas, absolutely nothing lowered. I took some video footage also which I will attempt to post soon but believe me, it was scary looking down into a 10 foot hole. Posted by Picasa


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  1. Damn! They need to close that road permanently and build a DECENT alternative, that will not flood out everytime rain falls.

    I drove on Mandelly earlier today, and one side is still under water.

  2. Serious business dat! I haven’t ventured out of Kgn since the Wilma rains…and with Alpha in de region now…we may well get wet again this coming week!

  3. That hole definately not looking pretty yow! Wonder how my people out in Bull Bay made out. BTW, how come u don’t check my spot no more?

  4. AD, I do check your spot every day. Somehow I thought I commented but I guess not since you asked the question!

    I promise to comment so you know I passed thru’.

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