Yesterday on my way to Linstead, upon approaching St. John’s road, I got caught up in a funeral procession. At first, I thought I would have been in for a minor delay as the procession moved towards the turn off to the final resting place for the dead, either at Dovecot or Meadowrest. Before I had a chance to accept what was happening around me, before I knew it, the road was filled with a sea of cars on either side of me, making 4 lanes in the supposed 2-way street. The view of pimp-looking men in felt hats and leopard/tiger/alligator print suits is not what I was hoping for in my Sunday afternoon. Then, there were the grieving females in pants suit fit only for the Quad and dresses fit only for Ceasars. I shook my head. Then, a few chains up, were a few buses with loads of people waving anything they could get their hands on, singing and chanting, girls asses hanging out the window, the sight of weaves of all colours. Soon I saw in my rear view mirror the approach of a full white vehicle, pulling a chariot-type back which carried the casket which contained I suppose the dead body of some area leader or don or gun man whose life was “suddenly” cut short.

I don’t mean to sound sinister in my description of these events, but I have to ask … what has happened to the respect of the dead? I’m sure that the happenings I witnessed were probably indicative of the life this person lived while on this earth but … gosh … it is just so low, I think. Anyway, police came to mash up the “party”. I didn’t wait to see how it turned out because a JDF jeep with soldiers carrying major looking weapons, followed suit behind the police and I just didn’t want to be around if things got ugly as I was caught between the head and the tail of the procession. After law enforcement passed, I proceeded to turn around to drive on Old Harbour Road instead to make my way to my destination.

Ha! Thought it was all over as I cruised along OHR, turned onto Featherbed Lane and proceeded through Jobs Lane … and again … I met up on the funeral procession, again causing delay to my journey. Ugh!Not sure if it was the same one as when I had turned back, I saw 2 other hearses making their way so it turned out to be 3 funeral processions in 1. Peaceful, decent, law-abiding citizens like myself can’t even make our way without being subjected to the actions and behaviour of the lawless.


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  1. Bwoy, I know how that go my girl! People of less than favorable character having these massive funerals and every jack man showing up in their regalia…I suppose it’s their culture and in their own way a means of showing respect, but it is quite interesting (and somewhat scary) to see.

  2. You can only hope that the deceased would have thought it was a good party. A funeral like that would make me come back to life to kick somebody’s ass.

  3. Not good. sounds a bit chaotic. People don’t respect themselves so I guess they won’t respect the dead.

  4. I think its just sad what we have come to see and accept as being the norm. Have our standards of what is socially acceptable fallen so low? If anyone shows up to my funeral in a club outfit and clear heels…. they are coming with me!!!

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