This took me a while but I stole this from Life’s A Trip hosted by my blog twin Peter! These are all in random order by the way …

Seven things I plan to do before I die
7. Take a European Cruise
6. Become active in social work
5. Have 2 children
4. Own my own business
3. Do jury duty
2. Go back to NYC … at least one time!
1. Own a BMW X5

Seven things I can do:
7. Cook and Bake … love doing those. Can’t wait to have my own home!!
6. Make a man feel good … in every way …. (ok guys, stop drooling)
5. Type real fast ( … is 120 wpm fast??)
4. Be patient
3. Tell it like it is
2. Be relied on
1. Love with everything I have

Seven things I cannot do:
7. Tolerate Stupidity
6. Knowingly take advantage of someone
5. Take a crap with someone in the bathroom with me
4. Drive slowly on an open road
3. Intentionally hurt someone (emotionally or physically)
2. Figure out assembling stuff without first reading the instructions at least twice (pathetic ain’t it)
1. Pretend to like you when I don’t

Seven things that I find attractive in a man:

7. Well groomed eyebrows
6. A man who respects women
5. Wonderful ass
4. An intellectual mind
3. Ambition
2. Luscious lips
1. Unconditional Love

Seven things I say most often:
7. “Shit”
6. “Oh Fuck”
5. “Yu too lie”
4. “But a wheh di raas yu a seh to mi”
3. “Oh no”
2. “Excuse Me?”
1. “Uh huh”

Seven celebrity crushes:
7. John Travolta
6. Lorenzo Llamas (anyone remember Falcon Crest)
5. Shemar Moore
4. Harrison Forde
3. Pierce Brosnan
2. LL Cool J (gotta love those lips!!)
1. Boris Kodjoe

Seven bloggers I must now tag:
7. Mad Bull
6. Serendipity
5. BabyBlueLee
4. Small Island Girl
3. Rae
2. Amanda-Jayne
1. Trouble (can’t wait to see his list)


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  1. Am I the only one out there without one of these type of post? I have thought about a post like this, but the depair of day to day life makes it too hard.

  2. I’ve absolutely enjoyed reading your blog … and I haven’t even begun to really go thru it that much yet. It’s pretty cool!

    Better yet, u’ve inspired me to do my own list of ‘SeVeN’.

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