Nov. 13, 2005, 1:50 a.m.

Friday was a very disappointing day for me. After working so very hard this past year, I met with my manager to discuss my performance and to get my rating, only to hear that I was given an average rating! I was pissed and told him as much. Of course, I maintained professionalism and composure but I was hopping mad. My situation was a bit peculiar as I had been asked to take on a managerial role, while I was still expected to continue in my substantive role. The long and short of it, my substantive role suffered and this is what I was graded on, no consideration given to the additional responsibilities, work load, etc. What a way to show your appreciation!

Companies always want to get the most of employees while they give as little as possible. The last couple of months all you hear about is people fighting and losing wage negotiation battles. Everyone trying to improve their purchasing power and by extension their living standards. Companies on the other hand are trying to cut costs, and they usually start by cutting staff or cutting the little man’s salary. The top bosses continue to take home the big bucks while the company is paying for their living expenses, employees are struggling to make ends meet. When Jackass seh di worl’ nuh level, he knew exactly what he was talking about. Of course, my boss who, with all due respect has always seemed to be in my corner for the most part. But I’ve learnt to trust no one especially at work because they will do anything to get ahead, even if it means stepping on and crushing the hell out of you.

So, with the new financial year starting, I am thinking of giving up this managerial role which should end Dec. 30 but from the looks of things will be extended until only God knows when. I refuse to be used and quite frankly would like do the work I was hired to do.

What do you think?


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