A Wha Really a Gwaan?


Two things I’ve observed and must write about:

Traffic …

For the past 2 weeks, it has taken me less than 20 minutes to travel from Portmore to Down Town Kingston … very positive and means I can sleep a little bit longer. Yes, the Causeway bridge is newly paved, but still a significant amount of pot holes still remain on the thoroughfare … however, no lengthy traffic delays, neither morn or evening …Not complaining. Loving it big time and hope it will last. In speaking to my Kingston counterparts however, they are not experiencing the same luxuary. They still continue to experience significant delays making their way home in the evenings. Some of them are actually wishing they lived in Portmore when I tell them the time it takes me to get home. Maybe it’s not fair game though, since I’m a “shotta” driver and take many a short-cuts and drive on many a sidewalks (just kidding) … but still …

Teargas … Mayors … and Law suits

Yesterday, the media reported of an incident in Kingston involving JLP Councillors and Mayors and the police. Teargas. The story came on the news last night but I saw it this morning and thought it was so dramatic. The Mayor of Kingston, collapsed on the road after being teargassed by the Police. The councillors say they were not breaking the law, the law enforcement officials say they were. People has cunningly suggested that the police are executing their “pay back” to the mayor for towing away police vehicles parked in no parking zones. It is indeed unfortunate that the mayor has had to use the police as an example, but one can understand why. Several of our JCF officers continue to act as though they are above the law, perpetrating and tolerating all manner of lawlessness. I witnessed a #81 bus on Spanish Town Road, form a 3rd lane going towards 3-Miles. A police car was coming in the opposite direction, a mobile reserve police car at that, turn a blind eye to the indecency which plagues our roads and was right in front of his face. What has happened to the Zero tolerance the Minister of Security spoke about? It is not being enforced, and I personally believe that if it was being done, we would have a much better nation. I commend the Mayor of Kingston on all that he has done and continue to do. My only fear is that he may be assassinated soon for all that he has done – nuh business who’s toe him step pon. We need more people like that in society. I can’t speak about the wrongs he does, but for the good I can see, I fully support him and his initiatives.

I believe the country is at a point where everyone feels the need to take a stand and make a statement. The masses are frustrated, both the rich and the poor, all classes in society have a sense of enough is enough, the police are also frustrated. The truth is, we have taken a lot of crap as a people, accepting with open arms whatever is fed to us. Our Government and other bodies are not held accountable for their actions and as such, continue to exploit, extort and take advantage of us. They are almost as, if not as bad as the gun men who hold you up and take all your earthly belongings. We have to take a stand, and make our position known, resolute and strong.

Will we ever get to that point in our wonderful homeland? The younger generation are in a position to make a difference, but it will take some time to change the “caan bodda” attitude we have inherited from our pre-decessors. We must believe that we can change our nation and take the necessary steps to do so. Are we game?


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  1. Traffic is global, hence the whole global warming epedemic, but everyone wa’an big car, big bike, and big brownin’. Lol

    And not to mention Big Cook food pun Sunday.

  2. CD…the traffic hasn’t been too bad this week…with the pothole patching frenzy that is going on. (Only need anodda two day of rain to dig dem out again.)

    I not so sure what to think about the teargassing of the Mayor….nutten about this country surprises me anymore…sorry but local news is suppem I avoid….there is little that is uplifting really.

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