When will they act?


As you may have heard, the Bog Walk Gorge was again flooded last night, leaving close to 200 people stranded after they attempted to cross, with at least one car being washed away by the angry waters of the Rio Cobre River. I’m trying to understand why the authorities have not sought to find a long term solution to this ongoing problem which occurs whenever there is heavy rainfall.

Do they have any idea how frustrating, tiring, annoying it is to drive on the Sligoville Road? Everytime I have to drive there, I say a silent prayer for my car and the wear/tear/battering it will go through driving on that road. There was talk recently about making Sligoville the main thoroughfare to Ocho Rios, and leaving the Bog Walk Gorge and the infamous Flat Bridge as a historical monument of Jamaica. I personally would protest that move.

The authorities need to decide once and for all what they intend to do about the recurring situation in the gorge … and stop pussy-footing around the issue.

They need to get their act together!


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  1. Well they know about the problem…the question is: do they realy care?

    They need to build a major highway acronn the hills and abandon the flat bridge road.

    I think highway 2000, one of the final legs, was supposed to replaced that road…I wonder what became of that plan.

  2. Yeah, they need to turn the Sligoville route into a nice route to take… if they transform it like they did the Faith’s Pen area, it shouldn’t be so bad! What do you think?

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