In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I found myself watching Motives, an interesting story about a man, a woman, a friend, another woman, sex, money, business, murder. As you probably have figured out by now, there is infidelity, jealousy, revenge and destruction entwined in the plot of this movie. As any woman will probably think, my mind again wandered into thoughts of infidelity.

A couple years ago, maybe 10, 15 or so, infidelity, cheatin’, bun and any other term used to describe this act, was thought to be something done mostly by the male species. I ask myself, why is it so hard for a man to remain faithful and keep his dick in his pants? This is not a general occurence as I know that there are men in the world, albeit the minority, who frown on such acts. What is so interesting to me is that most men who cheat on their partner say that if they found out their partner cheated on them, they would not trust them anymore and may end the relationship. Why is it that some women are so forgiving when their men blatantly cheat on them? It never ceases to amaze me.

What is also interesting is the increase in the number of women who are keeping 2 and 3 men, some to support their “hype” lifestyle, some for sexual pleasure, some to get as much $$ as possible to achieve some materialistic goal. The truth is, cheating is now an accepted norm, a way of life in our society. It is no longer thought to be a terrible act for the guilty person.

The truth too is that men do not handle these things as well as women. It is total devastation to a man if he finds out that his woman is talking to someone else much less rolling around in the sheets, sand, water, carpet, hot coals (smile). Why do they then continue to dish out what they can’t take back? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” means going down on a woman so she’ll return the favour …

Maybe the guys can tell us what it is that makes another woman so irresistable even if you have the woman of your dreams, meeting your every need waiting for you at home?? I wanna know!


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  1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by….Taurus Woman huh cool!

    I am feeling you on this post…if you get the answer please let me know. A girlfriend and I had a conversation about this same thing eariler today!

    I hope you had a Happy Gobble Gobble Day.


    p.s. will definitely be back!

  2. I did a bit of my own checking some years ago and you realize that the cheating isn’t restrictedto men nor is the gap as far apart as we would like to believe. Difference is men tend to brag about it while the women keep it quiet.

  3. Why do the men look for outside women despite having a nice woman at home waiting for them?

    Do you love chocolate cake? Or maybe some kind of sweetie that your mother used to keep around the house, and you used to love them, bad bad , and so you’d steal them out, one or two at a time, thinking you’d never get caught…

    Therein lies the answer.

    I agree with Sir Scratchie, women cheat plenty too, becausewho do the men cheat with, nuh women!

  4. What happening a lot in recent times is men cheating on their women with other men and vice versa. Tragic. I don’t know what I’d do if that happened to me. I’d totally freak out, but would definitely leave him for sure. Somehow though, some men accept it if their women cheat with another woman since that is most men’s fantasy.

  5. Well, if I get invited to share the other woman as well, maybe I would overlook it for awhile, but if/when I see that I am playing second fiddle i.e I am supplanted in my woman’s affections by the other woman, then I might have to step.

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