Things not to do when you wake up at 1:30 a.m.


1. Try to have a conversation with anyone. You will either say too much, not remember having the conversation or both
2. Think that this is a good time to do that spring cleaning you should have done in … spring?
3. Drink coffee, cappucino, lattes, coke or anything that will keep you awake
… you do want to sleep right?

4. Blog making stupid lists that will have everyone who reads it thinking “huh?”
5. Do games like THIS sent to you by your evil uncle.
6. Try to figure out how to post the cool Movie Quiz sent to you by
Lady Serendipity on this blog for people to do (I’m not doing too well at all … I’m at 25/60 with the help of my Dad who got about 3 of them) …. how do you post links to files though? I wanna know.
7. Tell yourself you need to go back to bed but still at the computer trying to think of other cool stuff to put on this list.
8. Realize that you are still asleep and that you’re actually sleep-walking, sleep-typing and sleep-thinking.
9. Accept the fact that your list just might not make it to 10.
10. Ha! I did make it to 10!! Good night … er … morning everyone!


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  1. Who needs coffee when you have a computer!!

    Great list by the way 🙂

    On posting links sorry can’t help ya, when you find out please let me know!!


  2. Grrrrrrrrrr……..That game is crazy!!

    I went and tried the darn thing!!!! God it could drive a person batty I tell ya!!

    Tell your uncle thanks! LOL


  3. I somehow just waste away infront of the TV when I wake up at that time. I think I should do something constructive like drawing or finishing my website.

  4. You link to a file the same way you link to a webpage. A webpage is a file, after all…. when you link to a file which is not a webpage, then the browser will generally ask you if you want to download it.

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