Friday turned out to be one of the best days of my life for so many reasons of which I’ll share 1. I got a call from my boss today. I freaked out in a major way when I saw an overseas # calling me on my personal cell phone (gave the work phone to my co-worker … no work on this vacation!). I didn’t answer cause I thought they were calling me about work and then called my co-worker to find out if there was a crisis. She proceeded to tell me that the boss needed to talk to me. I “enthusiastically” asked … fi wha?? Still not sure what he wanted so I went about my stuff for the day, and called when I thought there was nothing that could make the day go badly.

So, I called my boss and he proceeded to give me some wonderful news. In a previous post, I mentioned about my performance rating and how disappointed I was at the grade I got because of all the work I’d done this past year. Well … after my discussion with him, he communicated with his manager who decided that she wanted to speak with me, and arranged to do so on her visit to Jamaica last week. The meeting took place, in which I again registered my disappointment in the rating I was given and justified my statement with factual evidence. She promised that she would look back at it and speak back to my boss about it and let me know. As I’ve witnessed the bull shit that happens in the corporate world, I followed suit of our conversation with an email summarizing our discussion and again stating my position. Believe me, there’s a lot more to the story which I had actually started a post on but I’ll leave out the sordid details.

Well, he called me on Friday to say that my performance rating had been changed to my well-deserved higher grade. Hence, an improved position for my oh so well deserved bonus payment!!!!

This news came at a time when I needed to hear it most and was so ecstatic that I could barely contain myself when he told me but I managed to just let out a sigh of relief and thank him for such wonderful news. Needless to say, after he hung up, I let out a scream in my car so loud, I’m sure people in the cars beside me could have heard!

So, I was a happy camper on Friday and this has continued into today and I positive that it will continue for the rest of this week. Merry Christmas to me!!!


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  1. That’s great news indeed. It is good to be compensated fairly for your hard work. Now with this increased bonus we can have a merry holiday!;)

  2. Oh I know how you feel. I was given a bad grade too, registered my disappointment to my boss, backed it up with info, facts and he spoke to the higher ups. They have said they will look back at it. We shall see…

  3. ha ha. We dont even get bonuses where I work. You guys shoulda be happy u getting extra monies for even a ‘bad’ grade.

    Off topic: How is it that Mad Bull and Stunner always manage to comment on just about everybody’s blog in the caribbean? lol. Do you guys work?

  4. Congrats chica!
    I know u must be on a natural high. Enjoy it to the max … and do enjoy that well deserved bonus!
    Have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

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