In My Sister’s Shoes


A very dear friend of mine lent me this book, In My Sister’s Shoes by Jetola Anderson-Blair. It is a very inspiring book of short stories written by a Jamaican woman who has had several enlightening experiences in her life in many aspects – professional, personal, spiritual, educational … you name it, she wrote about it. I found it to be quite uplifting and she spoke in no uncertain terms about how stupid women can be some times in allowing men to treat us like dirt and whatever else was bad.

One of the Chapters entitled “You Have To Know When To Leave The Party”, speaks about how to know when you need to move on from something, whether it be a job that was making you sick, a relationship that had you sad all the time or someone who was just toxic in your life. Sometimes the fear of letting go overcomes us in life. However, we should understand that our strength is demonstrated when we decide to do one of the hardest things and actually survive the ordeal to tell the story.

I recommend it to everyone, both male and female as it puts a lot of today issues into perspective. Posted by Picasa


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