Full Control


On New Year’s Eve Eve, I’m driving along happily in my car listening to some tunes on the radio on my favourite station, the Blazing Fame 95 FM. On my speakers I hear the familiar voice of Shaggy and the veteran Barrington Levy. The song of choice: “Full Control”. I’m rocking to the song, listening to the smoothness of the beat and the truthfullness of the words, all along under the impression that this song was on Shaggy’s new album … only to be completely shocked to come home today, search on the net for the song and realize that this song is on Shaggy’s 2002 Album, Lucky Day.

The song speaks about independent women who are in full control of their lives, confident, knows how to handle herself, take care of herself, doesn’t jump at every man who offers her something, but much prefers to be assured and have her heart secured. I’m sure we can all attest to a man who expresses an interest in you and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is I drive a …., I live in some popular neighbourhood, I’m a top executive at a company, I have $$$ in the bank, blah blah blah, going on and on about what they have and nothing about who they are.

The other day too, while driving to Kingston, I for some reason was listening to Disclosure with Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart on Hot 102 where he was speaking of an article in the Flair magazine in the Monday Gleaner, which spoke about men selling sex to women. He expounded on the article and extended the concept to the wider society of men who are now seeking to get with a woman who is financially stable, successfull, achieved by society’s standards and basically just give her as much sex as she wants/needs while she takes care of him … or as we say in Jamaica, “mine him”. With more and more women becoming independent, there are 3 types of men:

1. The one that will be supportive, and want to stand beside you as you both make your way up the ladder in life
2. The ones who will bad mind you, say you slept with some man to get your house, car, job, call you a ho
3. Those who just want to take advantage of the situation and get as much as they can from you.

It is so interesting to think about these things and see how the world operates and changes overtime. All I can say is ladies, keep being independent and strong and strive to find a man who falls in Category 1 above. And men, have enough strength and pride in yourself to be a man in category 1 above.


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  1. Saw the video on tv, cool song. I love independent women, who have their act together. There is no greater joy than owning your own. The men you describe in 2 and 3 are nothing but empty shells that give real men a bad name.

  2. Happy New Year!!

    I’m with you there. It’s like – the car I drive – it might not be the hottest one out there but it’s mine, I bought it! And I’m proud of that. (however, if mr millionaire is reading this, and you are a nice and supportive man, I won’t say no to a new bmw for my birthday!)

  3. Well, my car is very very hot so I know that nuff man out there probably saying a whole bunch of stuff about me … but I couldn’t care less. I already have a man who loves me for me so they can go to hell for all I care!!

  4. Well, I am often quite late in volunteering the information that I am a medical practitioner. In case any female thinks I am using it to impress.

    I drive a 1998 Honda Integra…quite modest. It nuh even have rims pon it.

    What funds I have in the bank can pay some bills…….not much more.

    I do like independent females.

    Finally, people need to learn to accept others for who/what they are.

    Sorry we were not able to meet at the blogger linkup.

  5. I agree with you 100%. I am one of the few who has not seen the video.

    It’s a shame that this kind of thing goes on in the world, but alas it does.

    What one has or does not have should not matter….

    I like you hope for a man to be category #1.

    Great post by the way. *smile*


  6. Oh, seen, you did tell us what kind of car you drive… so, it rims up? Lowered? Is it an M3? Give us a picture nuh man? Cho.

  7. MB, it is a very normal car, a 318i with stock rims, not lowered, only thing “special” about it is the sunroof … and we both know that ain’t so special. A hot car would be my BF’s car with 18″ rims, lowered, cold air intake and the works. I’ll post a pic of mine as soon as I take one.–>

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