MR2 vs Evolution IV


On New Year’s Day, after leaving home for the sole purpose of going to buy Nestle Bon Bons at the Ice Cream Store, the BF and I end up going to Ocho Rios to watch street car racing at Orange Park. I had a blast. It was so much fun. First of all, when we got to the round about to take us to the “race track”, there were 3 police jeeps neatly parked up at the corner stopping almost every car with a loud muffler on it for a spot check. Seeing this, we took a slight detour only to see other racing hungry homosapiens all parked up talking about how much of a “p***yhole di policeman dem is fi a mash up the little racing ting”. After small talk and minor socializing with these unknown people, we decided to head back home and enjoy the fact that we had a really nice drive coming to Ocho Rios.

Alas! When we turn back … no police men at the round about. Soon after, we were heading up to the “track”. Upon reaching there, there were quite a few cars parked up along the side of the road waiting anxiously for the racing to begin. There were also the same 3 police jeeps scattered among the parked cars. OK … so I’m thinking these “a-holes” want some $$$$ so we can do as we please on the public street. Well, they didn’t come anywhere near our direction so I’m not sure what was happening. Shortly after that, they left and engines started revving, cars started doing 180 turns in the road … Yes … the party is about to start!

Needless to say, we waited about 1 hr 45 mins before the first race started. During this time though, some of the guys were “warming up”, speeding their turbo-charged, DOHC V-Tech encines up and down the track I guess baiting up the other racers.

Long and short of the story is that the MR2 stole the show. It won almost every race it ran in beating out Sunny GTS Turbo Charged, the Evo IV, V-Tech Civics and Integras. Don’t know what that guy had under the hood but it was moving like a bitch! The Evo IV was a big disappointment being beat by lowly Nissans and Hondas. The funny thing was this group of guys standing close to us chanting “Honda” … which sounded more like “Huuunnnnndaaaaaa”. It was hilarious!

My BF and crew were teasing me about lining up my car … but I asked them if they wanted to embarrass me in front of all these people. I also learnt that losers at an event like this, albeit informal, caused several malices between various drivers, whose sole purpose after losing was to do more modifications to their engine to ensure victory at the next street race. Men!

All in all it was good fun though. I thoroughly enjoyed!


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  1. Speed is fun. I was blasting it myself last nite. I was pretending to race Natty’s car home for MBJr’s benefit (he and Natty were in her car, I was in mine) and I stopped at this gas station to buy something.

    When I left there, I decided to catch them up to continue the “race”, and I was doing ninty something (km -> mph conversions are difficult when you’re ripping it) when Natty called me to say that there was a police roadblock by Newlands. Actually, when she called, I was already seeing the lights on the two cop cars way up the road, but its the thought that counts, right?

    Anyway, I slowed down and was lucky to get waved through (the cops were doing a visual check of the occupants of all vehicles and based on how you looked and their criteria, they were pulling people over).

    So I made it through, drove slowly until the cops were out of sight, then I started ripping it again, but with all the slow downs and the traffic on the road, Natty and MBJr. beat me home… but only by a tiny bit… they were just getting out of the car when I drove in.

    And yes, I know racing should be kept on the race track, but every now and then my head takes me…

    So… didn’t you get any pictures of the MR2? What about the Evo? Oh, and I don’t think you have told us what kind of car you drive?

  2. I commented on the other post. It was too dark. Couldn’t get close enough to take a pic of the cars. The MR2 is an old model.

    You are right about not racing on the road. I can’t get that through to the BF … you men just love the hype!! As soon as another car pulls up, revs 2 times with an invitation to race, it’s like you can’t resist.

    But Cayman is such a small place. I can’t believe there is enough road to race there … so I’ve heard anyway.

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