The Trinity


No, this is not a religious post, it’s not a post about Sean Paul’s album, neither is it about Neo’s girlfriend from the matrix. It is actually about an article in the Jamaican Star sometime last week, Tuesday I think, “The Trinity of Jamaican Women”. The article sought to classify the 3 different types of women in the Jamaican Society: The Idealist, The Virtuous and The Skettel.

I found the article a bit interesting and started to do a calculation in my pretty little head about how these classifications are proportioned across our female population. What I also found interesting is the slight similarity between this article and some other commentaries which I posted about in Full Control., but I digress. When we look at the women in inner city communities, aka ghetto, you are more likely to find the “skettel” type woman, who has 5 children with 7 different fathers, is not working but manages to wear the latest fashion trends, sports the most blinging jewellery. As the article said, there may be an overlapping of the 3 types of women.

It made for some interesting reading and I would love to see a similar article done in honour of the men!


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