It’s All Over :-(


Well, it’s back to work for CoolDestiny. After a much enjoyful, restful vacation, I must go back to doing my job. This will mean I won’t have as much time on my hands as I did these last 4 weeks,
and as such, may not check your blogs till on the weekends. However, if I can manage to steal
some time at work to sneak in a blog fix :-), I most definitely will and also when I get home from work if I’m not totally pooped out.

You have all been great company though during my rest time and for that I say kudos to you!!

Peace Out.


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  1. Unfortunately CD, it is one of the laws of life that it is by the sweat of our brow that we eat bread, sip VX, tek vacation, pay bills etc. Never mind, we all inna de same boat.

  2. Sorry your vacation is over….

    Hope you did a lot with the time you had off!!

    Ah sookey sookey now….the Sean Paul song is jammin, oh yeah party up in hear at CD’s place!! *smile*


  3. Hush, back to work – it hurts! I recommend planning something involving serious drinking for this weekend – you will need it by the end of the week and it will give you something to look forward to!

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