Your Authorized Dealer


I don’t recall if I had mentioned that my car (which used to be my father’s) was parked and got him by an idiot trying to catch his cell phone to answer it before it fell off the dashboard. Car was taken in to the dealer on 12/10/05 and we didn’t get it back until somewhere about the 19/12/05. Upon getting back the car, a few problems were identified and the car returned to them on the following week Monday for them to check and fix (at their expense of course after I made it clear in no uncertain terms that I would not be paying). I had noticed a problem with the car and mentioned it to them at that time and they said when I took the car in for them to fit a part they did not have in stock, they would check it out.

Ok, 16/1/06, take the car in to the dealer for them to fit the previously absent part, explain the problem, leave my car to be checked, agent promised to call me by 2:00 p.m. to let me know what is happening. 3:25 p.m. – no call. I call and speak to the service manager, he tells me a bunch of crap (which turned out to be a lie) and that he would call me back. I in turn call my service agent who told me the problems identified and that one of the part was over J$100,000 (approx US$1,500) along with 5 other problems.

The long and short of the story is that these new problems (except 1) was as a result of the accident on 12/10 which they had the car in their possession for 9 weeks and did not detect this problem, hence resulting in them now having to send off a supplementary estimate to the Insurance Company to cover these additional damages. The dealer … the authorized dealer. I managed to get this done without telling them a few choice words and several fabrics aka claat!

So, my car is still with them although the car is “drivable”, they asked me if I wanted it to drive now since they have to order the parts and it will take 2 weeks … I told them no thank you lest they tell me when I bring it back in that I damaged something. They even offered us a car to drive which we declined since we still kept my old Civic.

That’s dealers for you … nothing special about them, only the cost.

More time.


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  1. Hmph! I have a story about KIG, you see! Anyway… wah fi do? We can’t all drop everything and go to the Jamaica German mechanic school (I know thats not the right name, but I have forgotten the right name), can we?

  2. I cant believe there are still issues with that car. And here I was thinking everything was sorted out. I guess JA hasnt changed! Keep the faith!

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