Lots of “Cool” for CD


Well, this has been one of my best weeks ever and I’m loving every minute of it and staying focused on the positive side that it will continue. One thing for sure that has me smiling is the cold front that is now over Jamaica. The only problem is that the BF is all the way in Montego Bay working while I’m at home pining over him, missing him like crazy and wishing I was there or he was here . But, I’ll have to make do with my teddy bear that he gave to me, my favourite comforter to keep me warm.

Oh … and it’s Friday too! Have a great weekend everyone.


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  1. Sorry to hear that you’re missing your boo! *smile*

    Gurl just hug that teddy bear real tight until his return.

    Have a good weekend yourself babes.


  2. Cold front! This is nice cool weather, especially in the nights!

    Mine what yuh doing wid the Teddy! Just kidding, hug it up and dream of the BF.

  3. Maybe you should try phone sex… Hey, I saw this latina in the internet cafe here once, she was using Instant Messenger to chat with her BF. They have web cams and she started lifting her blouse and showing him stuff… crazy! If he has a laptop and an internet connection where he is, big tings can gwaan, you know, and when he comes back you can do the same thing in reality! What do you say?

  4. BF soon come home to you… and then next week will be just as good as the last… I’m right there with you babes… nuff positive vibes!

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