Indiscipline-Frustration-Who Cares?


My mother and I had a conversation last night about indiscipline in our society. She was telling me of a computer class she is currently attending which is for principals. To my dismay, not shock, the principals were displaying the behaviour of a common worker – showing up for class late if at all, not wanting to complete assignments, disregarding other members in the class who were there to participate and get the most out of the course. I responded by saying that is why society will be no better because the indiscipline and negativity is at the top and being filtered down to the bottom. We then began to try to understand why this was so.

My theory is that the order of the day for organizations is to maximize profit and resources at the lowest possible cost. So, people are expected to do more than their “job” for the same pay or less. The amount of pressure being placed on leaders and their interpretation of that pressure filters down to the most junior person on their staff, thus creating this environment of frustration. So, no one is willing to “go the extra mile” anymore for their company because they feel that they are being exploited, under-appreciated and not compensated in a meaningful way for their efforts.

There are workers though who are the laziest, want to do as little work as possible but want to be paid every month and then some. These are the same people who run down every single penny they can from the company, nit-picking about every single dollar that they feel is due to them, and never think about how significant their contribution is. I see it every day in my company and have even been the victim of exploitation because of my abilities.

I had long since taken a personal decision about my work-life balance and vowed never to put my job before myself, my health, my loved ones and family (i.e., mother, father, boyfriend, boyfriend’s parents). If I have to choose between the two, I will try to ALWAYS choose loved ones. I have vowed never to carry home work and that once I step through the office door, work is pretty much behind me (even though I am an on-call employee). Companies are no longer promoting the concept of family as they believe that families come in the way of great things being done by some employees.

I wonder if companies think about the implications of treating employees in a particular way to damage their loyalty to the company, influence acts of internal fraud and diminish their level of pride and patriotism to the company that pays the bills, buys the clothes, keeps the Appleton V/X flowing. It is a known fact that if an employee is “satisfied”, it improves the level of their job performance and you can count on that employee going above and beyond if necessary and in some cases will offer to do more. Those days are long gone and companies don’t seem to give a shit about that. They don’t seem to be concerned at the effect their displays of behaviour have on performance which ultimately affects their bottom line.

I don’t know if there are better times to come as with automation, globalization and centralization the order of the day, the worker is going to become more and more frustrated … and then what happens? I shudder at the thought.


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  1. It’s sad that the pepole who should know better usually don’t!!

    We look to these people to set certain standards for our children to follow, if they can’t get it together how will our children follow!


  2. When i go back to work one of the major things that will be a neccesity is that the company is family friendly, work for me never comes before my family, but i am willing to work my ass off for a company who is willing to see, except, and promote my family!

  3. I have had to tell my managers on ocassion that I will work my tail end off because it is my job but I’ll be damnned if it is going to be at the expense of family…..job can be replaced family can’t….

  4. Ironically, automation has been able to achieve more than the workplace ever anticipated, so the family’s position has been worsened, as the commercial office never wants your eyes off the screen.

  5. The indicipline in our society is caused by many factors…including those who are supposed to set an example!

    Now what I really want to chat about is the rest of the paragraphs in your post:

    Girl yuh hit the nail on the head, bulls eye, that’s the point…well you get the picture. What you say about the employers is so damn true! That’s exact;y what’s going on in the company that I work for! More work everyday and less and less people to do it. And as if it isn’t bad enough, I am not even being paid, I am grossly underpaid…just pure exploitation.

    I don’t think these organaizations consider the effect this treatment have on their employees…they don’t give a shit, as long as you get they work done.

    As for me, work is secondary…you can always get another job, no matter how long it takes, but you will never get back those in your family, the time you burn overworking yourself, you health. So I would never sacrifice the things i cherrish for the sake of my job.

  6. Just remember one thing…..”The moment you feel that you cannot leave a job, is the moment that you have ceased being an employee and have degenerated into a slave”

  7. Stunner, I don’t think a company can really pay us what we are really worth. We are dedicated, hardworking and yet, they try to rob you of even the simplest benefit just to avoid paying a $. That’s why people go postal, not so much in Jamaica, but we aren’t far from that.

    Charles, well said. I took a stance 2 years ago that I will never put my work ahead of my family.

  8. what gets me is that friends of mine have been told ‘oh, you can work later, you don’t have children.’ Well, if we spend all our time working, when are we going to find any one to have children with or any time in which to make them??!!

  9. Good thoughts CD. Unfortunately, we live in a society where indiscipline is the order of the day…and the more crass and lacking any level of decency that one displays, the more ‘bigged up’ you are here in Ja. A well mannered person is liable to be labelled as being a soffas!

    One has to be able to draw the line between work and family/friends. Like many have said, there is always another job to put food on the table, but the lives of those nearest and dearest to us cannot be replaced.

    I must also reiterate Kingston Girl’s statement about not having any children. As a single man wid no pickney myself, I am often pointed out in many of the organizations that I am involved in as having a lot of ‘spare’ time to do this and that. Fine, I understnad to a point, but this does not mean that I nuh nutten fe do wid me time. I have a full time job, I do part time private practice, I run a household…enuff said.

  10. Work: something so unpleasant that a person has to be paid to do it.

    While people have always worked hard when it’s their own business or farm, it’s contrary to human nature to work any longer than you have to in a regular job… unless of course you believe you’ll be rewarded for it, which few people do any more.

    (Click here if you dare)

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