Rasta Job Application


Here’s an oldie but goodie that just popped into my Inbox at work and just had to share. Hope you are all good! Have a great week!!

Rasta Job Application

Name – Bobo Dread Amaka Baka Fari
Age – I man noh count birtday
Date of Birth – Mi sey Rasta noh deal wid dem tings deh man
Address – Uppa di Hills a Wesmorlan
Tel. No. – I man Doan participate ina di Bablyon system
Marital Status & No. of Children – I an I hav nuff comman law wif an 21 likkle soljas a run bout roun di island
Occupation: Sell Jelly coknat pan Spanish Town Rd. and weed outta mi Kitchen winda
Company Name – I man noh kip company yuh noh seeit
Present Position – Mi like di Lizzad lap positian .. but mi open to any adda position, yuh noh seet


Average Monthly Income – Depends pan di season and di demans fi di weed .. some time bizniss slow an ting
Credit Reference – More Fyah! I man noh deal wid credit .. strickly up front dallas a do it
Unsecured Overdraft Limit – Chat English .. a wha di Bloodclaat dat?
Secured Overdraft Limit – Mi sey yuh fi chat English!!
Personal Loan Amount – Tony owe mi bout 40 gran .. a gwine buss im bloodKlaat when a buck im up
Monthly Payment – Ask Tony cause a monts now mi noh si nat a cent fram im
No. of Monthly Payment Outstanding – Yuh def? Mi seh Tony noh gi mi back mi money so all a it outstanding
Mortgage Loan Amount – Mi noh pay margage fi mi zinc shed .. is I man build dat
Monthly Payment- Yuh com back a ask di same foolishness?
No. of Monthly Payment Outstanding – Is wha do dis ooman dowe eeh? MI SEY TONY NOH PAY MI YET!!

This is interview is over .. Application for Loan Denied

GOH WEH!!! unu hypocrite an Sadomite unu!


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