Something to Smile About


This morning when I was leaving for work, my bf used the remote start for my car to start it from upstairs. What he didn’t see was that my 70+ side neighbour and my 60+ front neighbour were standing almost in front of the car. The below is the conversation that ensued as a result:

70+: Wait …. is what happen a while ago?
60+: Mi nuh know
70+: Di Car start!
60+: But how dat? Nobody not in there …

70+ moves closer to the car, slowly and cautiously looking to see who is in it … she doesn’t see anybody.

70+: Mi nuh see anybody in it fi true

Both ladies had a puzzled look on their face.

Of course, my bf and I are approaching them and the car, trying oh so hard to hide the smile/laugh that was on our face. It was very difficult to keep a straight face when they said:

“Is you start di car?”. I said yes and they chuckled saying they were wondering what was happening and looking to see who was inside.

We had a good laugh.


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  1. Yeah I know the first time someone did that to me I nearly got a heart attack technology is something else but i heard if you’re not careful and leave the car in drive you could make an accident.

  2. Bwoy, it would’ve been funny as hell if you had one of those talking alarms that says “Armed” when you turn it on and “Disarmed” when you turn it off….poor ladies would’ve probably wet themselves!

  3. OMG when i had that on my old car i used to scare the shit out of people all the time…I laughed EVERY time šŸ™‚ It never got old

  4. Yes, that stuff must have been pretty funny. You know, I know a guy in Ja. who put a remote control kit in his car. He can actually drive it without being in it! I wonder if he hasn’t had some similar fun with that?

  5. I have that on my car as well…but rarely use it. I used it one day at the University as it was very hot and I wanted to get the AC going before I got in…a female student who nopticed the engine start asked me…..”Did you just start the car by pressing a button?” I said, “Yes, its called remote start!” šŸ˜‰

  6. CD,

    If you have time, please meet me and Dr. D at the Hilton on Friday night 3rd for a link up. Please feel free to bring BF, even if he is not a bloggist. I do not have a time yet, can you please email your number to Doc D @

  7. RI, I am just seeing your invitation and sorry I missed it. I wasn’t well on Friday night though but I would have made an effort to link up this time. Next time guys unless you want to propose another date.

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