It’s My ……………


I am thoroughly looking forward to my Birthday this Sunday. Unlike my friends who are the same age as me and are in despair at getting older, I look forward to my birthday every year. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything on my birthday so my honey and I will be going to Montego Bay for the weekend. I’m very much looking forward to it. I actually got a surprise at work today by getting a beautiful bouquet from my new manager who is based in Barbados! I didn’t tell her it was my birthday but she found out somehow and has given my b-day a great start.

So, say prayers and make wishes that I’ll have a wonderful weekend!!

And … Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who read my blog!


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  1. Happy birthday when it comes – its my 2 year old nephew’s birthday on Sunday as well.

  2. I just happened to stumble here and see that it is your birthday. Have a lovely weekend and make the day special. We expect a blog post about all the goodness that took place! 😉

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