I Need Your Help


Hey Gang,

This one is for all the internet savvy bloggers who stop by here, particularly Cari-blogrs.

Do you know the below website? I need to know if it is a popular website and if it is worth advertising on. If not, are there any recommendations of Jamaican/Caribbean websites worth pursuing?


I’m counting on you!! Thanks!!


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  1. I know of it. They don’t have to be a popular website as they tend to email out info to people on events, etc. that they advertise. They have a big email list but its not comprehensive, i.e. they email Natty but not me. She tends to read it before she deletes it, as its about things Jamaican. A semi interesting spammer as it were… I believe that they probably would cease sending emails to people who request it, (though she hasn’t requested it) so I am not sure they should really be called a “spammer”.

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