What a Week


Well this week on the great rock of Jamaica has been a very interesting one newswise. From motor vehicle accidents to political spats/cat fights, to controversy surrounding the re-instatement to regular police duties for Senior Superintendent Renato Adams, all featured in the Gleaner this week.

Adams’ story is the one of great interest to me. Everyone is playing the blame game as to why Adams is still at Desk 13 when there is so much that needs to be done with criminal elements on the street. The police commissioner says he’s waiting on the Police Services Commission; the PSC says it’s waiting on the Commissioner. Typical. No one wants to take responsibility. No one wants to be viewed as “the bad guy”. Adams’ style of policing has been frowned upon by the local so-called human rights activists who only make such cries when it suits them. So, the commissioner is under pressure to satisfy these interest groups, his superiors, independent observers such as Amnesty International and the public. Rather than say “No, he will not be placed back on the street” or “Yes, he will resume full duties”, everyone is dancing around the issue as if they are doing the tango. When will this type of bureacracy end???

This type of behaviour is demonstrated in so many facets of life that it just drives me crazy. I say to end with this crap! Take responsibility. Be a man/woman. Make a decision. Take a position and stick by it no matter what.

Peace out.


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  1. Yes so much has been happening on the likkle rock.

    I don’t agree with Adams policing tactics, but these criminals need someone like Adams to curb them!

  2. As usual persons in authority pussyfoot around the issues and speak a million words which mean absolutely nothing.
    I wish they would just say what they mean.

  3. Sometimes you just have to make a decision. Personally, I think Adams is needed in Iraq! They should send him there to help keep down the Muslim terrorists! I know he is thought of as a real crime fighter, well, they have some of the worst criminals down there, i.e. terrorists. Let him stay there until there is an end to the hostilities.

  4. Saw a clip of the Adams reinstatement on the news last night, him doh look quite as militant as before. I guess time will tell.

    Anyway, cyaan linger…Brazil a play dis mawnin…mus tek een first half before me go work! 😉

  5. Adams is a man who on radio in Jamaica stated that the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise is semantics. On that basis alone (not to mention other tactics employed by Adams) he is lucky, and Jamaica unlucky, to have him and all other persons of like things on the force. So if he keeps the desk job I will be happy. And from his comments in todays paper, he sounds like he will be happy to stay there as well.

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