World Cup Fever


Well, the world cup has been extremely interesting thus far to say the very least. A few upsets, a few surprises and a few yawns too 🙂

I must say big up to T & T’s Soca Warriors who have played some very very good football. The other newcomer to the world cup, Ivory Coast have also shown good skill in playing the game. I’m an England fan myself but had to ditch that yesterday when they played T & T. Everyone in my office was quite annoyed at me because although I was cheering for T & T, I was all excited when England scored. All in all, I’m enjoying it so far.

What about you guys? Have you been taking in every single match? Who are your teams? Who is your favourite to win?? Talk to me people!!


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  1. No I haven’t been watching every match, only when i stumble upon a match then I watch it. I dont have a favorite team. Yeah big up T&T!

  2. Nope,not been watching all because I got to work.Argentina is my favourite team though.Now that we are getting coverage I can watch onthe weekends

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