Sex and the Church


Fame FM’s Uncensored had an interesting topic for their Monday night edition of the program. I did not get a chance to listen to it but captured some highlights from a broadcast the following morning. The topic was Sex and the Church, a debate which sought to establish how “carnal” christians were when it came to sex.

The discussion, from what I gathered was quite an interesting one, with christians and pastors sharing their views on the subject. The findings were as follows:

1. A high percentage of christians are just as carnal as heathens, engaging in sexualy intercourse before marriage;
2. The church places a greater emphasis on sexual sins, while preaching that all sins are equal;
3. The church sometimes influence early marriage in young adults, to escape the sin of fornication;
4. When someone is guilty of fornication, they are “read out” of the church, “back-benched” and become the recipient of “throw-word sermons” metted out by the pastor;
5. There are still christians who believe that sex before marriage is wrong

As someone who grew up in the church, I have personally witnessed all of the above.

My view, the church should not judge a person by their actions and seek to play God. A person who has committed fornication (or any other sin for that matter) should not be shunned and condemned by the church but rather should be embraced and counselled in an attempt to help to bring that person closer to God. In searching for information on the topic, came across another blog with the same title as mine. Read it Here.

Each person should be allowed to have their personal relationship with God as we are accountable only to him for our actions. The church has shirked on its responsibility on many an occasion, passing judgement instead of offering the necessary support. I pray that these things will get better.


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  1. The church has always had a problem with sex….as you have correctly stated. I know of quite a few forced marriages that have ended disastrously because the parties involved were not mentally prepared for the rigors of marriage.

  2. Touchy subject.In the long run its the persons concerned and their God.The word throwing etc still dont help the situation

  3. If the thought to backbenching and reading out is meant to deter I not too sure it works. Lots of persons find themselves in situations not because they want to be but because they simply end up there. I’m not talking about sex alone…I extend this to all “sinful” situations. Where is the opportunity for support?

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