Oh Well …


So much for my hopes of England going to the World Cup 2006 finals. Their hopes were shattered today after losing 3-1 penalties to Portugal. Deep down I didn’t feel like they would make it but I was still holding on.

On another note, the summer is getting hotter and hotter by the day. I can’t belive how hot it is, even at nights when it used to get even a little bit cool. I have to be sleeping in the nude to maintain my sanity at night. I’m also hoping that we do not get a hurricane this year despite the predictions of a very active season.

Anyway, just my usual quick shout out. C ya.


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  1. When the game went into penalties I did’nt hold out much hope for England…. considering their history.

    The time really hot nuh rass!!

  2. Too true about the heat!! I ran inside of Mega Mart and stood in front of an open door in the frozen food section today just to cool down. Really hoping no hurricane hitting us this season, Portland people can’t take anymore.

    Not an England fan so pretty glad they lost.

    On another note – you were the first comment on my 1 week old blog so you will live in my heart forever.


  3. One minute it real hot the next minute it raining so much ah fraid ah get electricuted talking on the phone real extreme weather these day. CD thanks for the nice comment on my blog really cheered me up.–>

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