And It Continues …


I got to thinking on Tuesday evening while standing in a line waiting to pay bills … when will this end? The Jamaican people have failed to take a stand as a people and say enough is enough to the bull shit that happens here. Everywhere has bull shit I know. I speak to the bull I live in.

This rant comes from me standing in a line to pay utility bills for close to 1 hr.

Background: In Jamaica, there are payment agencies authorized to collect payment for bills – light, telephone, water, cell phone, cable etc. etc. etc. In April this year, one of the preferred companies levied a J$35 per transaction to pay bills. The 2nd preferred company instituted a similar levy of J$30 in July.

So, the arrangement for the companies for which the agency accepts payments is that for each payment they collect, the company (light, telephone, water, etc.) would pay a percentage based on volume of transactions done. Do we realize what this means? We are more than likely paying double for the service as the utility companies would have been sure to factor this amount into our billing amount.

The extortion continues, the slavery is being resurrected, the oppression is again becoming a reality.

I have now decided to pay all my bills online. I do this from time to time but I really have better things to do with my time than stand in a line to hand over money to these criminals who call themselves service providers and the government. Every bull shit that is implemented, we take it without a fight. There is no desire to unite as indiscipline will somehow creep in and daunt the work, toil and endeavour of those who really want to make a stand.

And it continues …


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  1. That’s why I’ve been paying my bills online for the past two years and recording the transaction numbers.
    It’s just two much hassle and a waste of time to go stand in some line for an hour.

  2. same here. I’ve made a conscious effort to suffer the inconvenience. Paymaster and Bills Express can go to blazes as far as I’m concerned. Highway robbery at its best. Use the utility and need to pay…so now you have to pay to pay…something don’t sound too right.

  3. Girl my life has been so stressfree the day i realised i could pay my bills online but i know what you meen about us as a people not putting up with nonsense and putting our foot down.

  4. That’s why I pay my bills online, no long line and no extra fee.

    We should have to come together and boycott the bill collection agencies, but as typical jamaican we cuss and still go along with it.

  5. yeah but even with online it’s still CORRUPTION everywhere! for about the past 5 years i have done all my transactions through phone or online banking, yet i still have to pay $15 CAD per month for my account fees…that’s like over 10,000 JA per year no? just to use a bank you have to have money.

  6. I don’t join lines to pay any bill at all. Everything except C&W is paid via billexpressonline and C&W paid via phone. And there’s no charge. The time I spend in a queve can be better spent doing something productive – like reading blogs 😉

  7. Stunner, we don’t pay online YET. It’s only a matter of time. Dem soon start charge us to breath and shit!!… They probably doing that already and we don’t even know.

  8. uhm… there is this country… called México. Now, not much has ever been said about it, since it’s merely a backyard-to-be for the americans (in many a conceptions). Yesterday, I stood with some other several thousand people in the main square of the main city in the country. We screamt against… well, all kinds of things. Among them, if I think about it, our right to pay our bills directly to the light, telephone and water companies (our right to have that money be payed to a mexican enterprise, that would benefit mexican jobs too). They are increasingly getting charged to credit card anyways… this charging services, well, you know the rest of the story. The point is that… well, several latinamerican countries are deffending their right to… well… look after all of their people, instead of just after a privileged minority. It may take your country still a while to go the right way (right as in correct, not as in neoliberal and right-wing), so it may for mine. But right now, we may actually… get a break. So… well, I’d like to invite you to stay tuned, although many people will say a lot of stuff, CNN and those mind corrupters, blah, blah, but still, this may be the hour of one country south of the U.S, to claim it’s right to… why not, pay bills for the exact amount they are issued (Merely a little sparkle in the crown of actual liberty):D

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