I’m A Little Stealer


Last …

Last Cigarette: About 15 years ago

Last Alcoholic Drink: White Wine – December 30, 2005

Last Car Ride: Today, from the hairdresser

Last ‘Romantic’ Kiss: Today

Last Good Cry: Yesterday

Last Library Book: Benji

Last book bought: Animal Farm – have never read it and heard so much about it so I bought it … still haven’t read it yet though.

Last Book Read:The DaVinci Code

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Bad Boys II – pathetic ain’t I?

Last Movie Rented: Who rents movies in this day and age of bootleg???

Last Cuss Word Uttered: Shit

Last Beverage Drank: Homestyle Fruit Punch

Last Food Consumed: Chicken nuggets from Island Grill

Last Crush: I haven’t had a crush in such a long time. Last one would be … ugh … I don’t know!!

Last Phone Call: 30 minutes ago from the BF

Last TV Show Watched: Monk – USA

Last Time Showered: 15 mins ago …. damn it’s hot today!!

Last Shoes Worn: blue, white & yellow floral flip flops

Last CD Played: Madonna – Greatest Hits V1 (I still love her)

Last Item Bought: Elidel cream for my Excema

Last Download: Rihanna – Unfaithful

Last Annoyance: My father pulling up his shorts over his belly looking like Steve Urkel

Last Disappointment: My BF leaving my house. I hate it when he leaves 😦

Last Soda Drank: Mountain Dew … it was kinda flat. Think I left the bottle open in the fridge by mistake so all the fizz was gone.

Last Thing Written: My journal entry

Last Key Used: Front door key

Last Words Spoken: Ok, cool.

Last Sleep: last night

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Buckingham’s MultiMania

Last Chair Sat In: The chair at my computer

Last Webpage Visited: http://smallislandgirl.blogspot.com

Now that was just fun. Thanks SIG!


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