It’s A Small World


The world keeps getting smaller every day. Something I find quite amazing happened. About a year in my job, I came across a customer with the same last name as my blog twin Peter – Life’s A Trip. I happened to mention this in a comment on his blog, apparently I put the person’s name in the comment. I don’t even know if Peter remembers this. I searched for the comment all day yesterday till I got tired but didn’t find it.

Yesterday I checked my email and saw a message from a similar last name person … lo and behold, I open the email, and it is the very customer I had interacted with for no more than about 3 – 5 minutes, saying he saw the comment on the blog and just wanted me to know!!!

Now, what are the odds of this? How much smaller can the world get? I guess with the internet and all, it will continue to get smaller and smaller.

This was really amazing.


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  1. what a coincident…hope you didn’t write anything negative. With Blogs these days, you got to be careful what you write.

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