Travel Disaster Pt. 2


So we get up the next morning, have breakfast, check out, wait for our bus and then travel to the airport. We get there to see an extremely long line for the Air J counter. We wait patiently in line and after 1.5 hrs, we are finally checked in. During the process, we learnt that we would be stopping in Montego Bay but gladly, we didn’t have to collect luggage to board the flight to Kingston. We proceed to the departure lounge where we do the dreaded WAITING again. Of course, the flight leaving Antigua was delayed for about 2 hrs, and we had to stop in St. Lucia before heading for Montego Bay. Talk about delays!!!!

So, we board the flight and eventually leave. I started to feel a sense of relief now that the journey has begun to continue and being the ever-optimistic CD, I convince myself that everything is going to go well, no more delays and Iwill finally get home to my family and my man.

We land in St. Lucia. Some passengers including the Jamaica Junior Netball Team boarded the plane in St. Lucia. I watch with anticipation the luggage being wheeled to the aircraft to be loaded, not paying attention to the netballers who had apparently won some competition. I couldn’t care less about that. My focus was on all the steps to getting home. After they loaded the luggage, the plane door closes, and we start to taxi down the runway at the usual 10 mph.

Alas!!! Oh No!!! The plane stops ……………. for about 10 minutes on the runway. I’m like WTF?????? Before I could finish my thought, the plan starts to reverse back to the gate!!! Why? Why? Why? What forces of evil have laid its ugly hand on my travel plans? Is it me? Is the guy sitting beside me with a glass looking eye? Is it the obnoxious lawyer who in all his rants did not once mention the word sue??? I just couldnt’ understand it. The pilot comes on the radio:

“Ladies & gentlemen, we do apologize for this delay in leaving the St. Lucia airport (I didn’t even take time to memorize the name of the airport). It seems as if some luggage was not loaded unto the plane and we have to turn back for them. Again, we do apologize and should be on our way in the next 10-15 minutes”.


20 minutes later, we are taxing down the runway (again). This time, we actually take off and head for Sangster International Airport. I was so eager to get home, I did not even sleep on any of these flights. You cna imagine my joy when I look through the window and start to see familiar land … Jamaica … Home … I could hardly wait to land. When we land, it was about 5:45 p.m. Saturday. We were supposed to change aircrafts and join some passengers coming from Atlanta and heading for Kingston. We go through the chaotic excuse for a hub at Montego Bay SIA only to learn that our flight previously scheduled to depart at 6:35 is now scheduled to leave at 8:30. Oh Lord, where does it end? So, I laze around, eat, play solitaire and freecell on my laptop just killing time. And it ticks so slowly I wondered if time stopped a few times.
Then, the announcement.

“Flight JM032 scheduled to depart at 8:30 p.m. to NMI in Kingston has been further delayed and is now scheduled to leave at 10:35 p.m.”.

What have I done? Why is this happening?????

10:35 … flight delayed again till 12:30 a.m. – SUNDAY!!!. We are all now so impatient, frustrated, tired, dirty (at least they gave us dinner) started to enquire if there were any other flights apart from the one we were booked on that was going to Kingston. Oh boy …… yes, a flight should be leaving at 1:05 a.m. We all changed our flights, after enquiring about our luggage and was told confidently that our luggage would arrive with us at the airport.

Peeps, after all this, we finally boarded a flight, we know not where it was coming from and didn’t care because it was going to Kingston, where we wanted to go. The flight left at 1:28 a.m. We arrived in Kingston at 2:08 a.m. My father came to pick me up and I was home at 2:27 a..m. Sunday morning.

My boyfriend left his house and came to mine after I arrived. I was so happy to finally be home.


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  1. Again I have to say this is why I do not travel….especially by airplane!!!

    My gosh to go through all of that must have been tiring as ever.

    Well I’m glad to hear you guys made it home in one piece.


  2. Wow, CD, as my in-law would say, “Lad-a-Gad!” At least, U made it home safely–that’s really what counts. Sounded like a horrifying trip though. There’s gotta be somebody U could write to, some free tickets to compensate–but then again U prob’ly not looking to fly any Caribbean airliner in de near future. Have a luscious weekend!

  3. Wow! What a nightmare! I know I would have been cussing some serious ^!@$@&!^* in my head and giving everyone the mean face.

  4. That seems like something out of a badly written thriller. You have exceptional patience I must say….If it was me there would be a 50% chance of “the quickening” being unleashed.

  5. Wow! It does sound like you needed to have been exceptional in the patience department, no wonder patience figures in the title of this blog.
    Glad you made it home eventually.
    How come your boyfriend didn’t just pick you up, since he came over after… just ignore the question if I am being too faas’

    CD, check out the Tower of Babel for an unprecedented offer… for best results, right click on the link above and select the menu option to open the page in a new window…

  6. Patience is my life philosophy. Without it, I would be totally insane. I adopted this because of the terrible temper I have but learnt many years ago that it makes no sense to get angry over the things you can’t control.

    MB, my boyfriend came to the airport twice, all the way from the country where he lives to pick me up. After 2 trips, I told him I’d just let my father pick me up since he is in Portmore and much closer.

    Melody, unfortunately my job calls for much travel in the Caribbean so I know I won’t escape it.

    My mother just went through a similar experience with air jamaica. Hers was worse cause the police had to get involved. I’ll post about that when I think you’ve all gotten over the anger of this post!!!

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