What A Week!


This has been one of the most hectic weeks I’ve had in a long time.  With the opening of the new school year, waking up and leaving home earlier, the crazy traffic on the road during the day, me having to do presentations 3 days out of this week for my job, I’m simply pooped.

I also had a co-worker who suffered an unfortunate situation in being held up at her gate in Constant Spring Gardens at 9:20 A.M. on Wednesday.  Blessed to live to tell the tale, is now without a few necessities including her car, work materials and important personal documents.  So, she’s picking up the pieces after the low-lifes of our society continue on their rampage.

Another noteworthy event was the traffic back up on the Portmore toll road this week b/n 7 – 8 a.m.  I have left home at 7, the time I used to leave before the toll, and I’m getting to work at the same time, and on 2 occasions, actually later than the time I used to arrive at work.  The blunders of this deal were tested this past week, but the ultimate test will be next week when all schools are back in session.

From robberies, to traffic pile ups, this week has been eventful!  How about yours?


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  1. Well mine was not much bettet than yours.

    I did the usual and it went by very fast indeed.

    Sorry to hear about your friend, I am very glad though to hear she was not harmed.

    Take it easy and keep ya head up.


  2. Oh that’s ruff about your coworker. Now she’s prob’ly worryin’ they’ll return. Ah heard about de gunmen also @ Holy Childhood — is this gettin’ nuttier by de minute or what?!

  3. am back to school as a student.So it was one assignment after the other plus research. Your friend is alive and that’s the important thing

  4. Yeah, the traffic wicked! Unfortunately, school is a necessity 😦

    Sorry bout you friend. My week was ok still. Hope the coming one proves fruitful, both for you and for me…

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