Another Blunder


The news this week has been reporting about the woes of travelling on the Portmore toll road – reports of traffic backing up after people have paid their toll! It is a major failure of the government. Here are some facts:

  1. The toll road terminates at the Portmore Mall coming from Kingston;
  2. The 6-lane highway (3 lanes each way), merges back into 2 lanes on Margus Garvey Drive and 2 then 1 lane on Hagley Park Road;
  3. The distance of the toll road alone, was the entire distance from my home to King Street, Downtown Kingston where I work (8km);
  4. The toll road is the shortest in Jamaica in terms of length, however is the most expensive for any comparable distance;
  5. The Mandela Highway has still not been renovated as promised by those lying assholes who call themselves politicians;
  6. Persons who have purchased the tag will not benefit in the true sense as you only benefit after making 10 trips and you must make these 10 trips within a 1-week period. The discount doesn’t roll over to the following week ;
  7. In order to top up your tag at Tag Sales Office, you must 1st pay the toll to go to Kingston, then turn back and pay the toll to return to Portmore in order to gain access to the Sales Tag Office (how dumb … or profitable … is that);
  8. On one of my visits to the toll office, a commuter had complained about his tag and requested a print out of his statement (yes, you can get a report of your trips made through the toll) only to be told that he owed the toll operators J$80 … (how the hell is that possible when you pay up front and use like a cell phone credit???? Preposterous!!!)

My list could go on and on. So, this is again for the dumbass a-hole who commended on my last toll post, talking about cost savings and more sleep …. in your face! How are you feeling now? I left my house one morning at 7 a.m. and did not get to work until 7:52 taking the toll. Before the toll road, this may or may not occur. I don’t expect to be getting to work at the same time, after leaving the same time after being assured that my commute time would be significantly cut. I preached it long before the road was opened, that there will still be a traffic back up after paying the J$60 toll either way. It is a complete waste. Whether people want to believe it or not, Spanish Town residents are utilizing our toll because we have now bombarded and accosted their Mandela Highway.

I know for a fact that the fight is not over and that there have been several occurrences of this across the world that have garnered success – albeit after 10 years, but still came out on top with the government abandoning the toll system in a residential are and freeing up the road.

What has also irked me although I shouldn’t be surprised, is the promises made to the people at the fishing village who now are not able to make a living because of the highway. It is a disgrace that poor people continue to be exploited. Those persons could be contributing the crime in the country, but instead have sought to make an honest living by selling fish etc. What are the options to those people now?

Patience is a Virtue and I do believe that eventually, Portmore will come out winners no matter how long it takes.


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  1. SIX lanes merge immediately into TWO lanes?! WTF! And those marketless fisherman — no, that ruff. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon — ‘how’ is another question.

  2. They seem to be into this business of widenting roads for a short distance and then have the traffic merge back into single lanes as means of reducing traffic congestion…..solves nutten if you ask me, or maybe I am just not stupid enough to understand…..

    I want one o dem government contract CD….seems the less you accountable, the more you get big pay and Prado wid concession etc!

  3. It is sad though that the residents grumble but still pay the toll. What if 20% of them decide ‘enough is enough’ and take a stand not to pay but to go through as they use to before the toll? what do you think would happen? I pray for the day that we as a nation would stand up for something, anything.

    Visit for information surrounding the Portmore toll issue.

  4. i totally agree with these staements….yes if an amount of us boycott the toll it would attract more traffic unto mandella, but if people take a stand in this country we would be better. Oh i have never travelled on the toll road, neither my boyfriend. It is just wrong to ask us to pay so much to travel in and out our own front gate.

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