Internet Hook-Ups Pt. Une


I got to thinking today between the changing of diapers and breast-feeding that I’ve had quite a few internet hook ups in my time. Yes, I’ve met desperately single men seeking to meet a single woman and instead of making their way to the diaspre of social events, resort to internet chat rooms to meet members of the opposite sex.

Back in 1996, I joined the ranks of several persons who were accessing the information super-highway (a name I still question to this day since there is information I’m still not able to find on the internet). Now, with anything new, you tend to overdo it. I spent every waking moment on the internet. The chat program of choice then was Microsoft Chat. It was one of the coolest around at the time. I say this because the dialogue box were a replication of a comic strip, having each convo with both or all persons in that familiar box-like figure. You could also choose your character’s face from a variety of images from sexy to cute to funky. I of course, chose a cross between cute and sexy.

Then it happened, those familiar letters popped up in a little window with a character who called himself “The Don”. My screen name was “Flavababe”, a name I still use to this day. The letters: “A/S/L?” I promptly responded with my age, sex (like you couldn’t figure) and my location. Being quite naive, I actually gave the correct information. We started to have a conversation and this became a daily occurence. I was in college at the time, and these many endless hours spent online chatting to the Don ate into my reading time, my “study” time, my tv time and most importantly, my SLEEP time.

We talked for weeks, and eventually exchanged phone #s. I never planned to call, but on the day I gave him my #, he called no less than 1/2 hr after we said our goodbyes and I’ll miss yous online. He called, I answered my phone, he hung up. Oh …. the wonders of *69 so I called back. He had his friend answer the phone I guess to screen me out to see how I sounded. I guess I passed the test as he came on the phone shortly after and we had a brief conversation. We started to talk to each other after that every single day. I remember him actually leaving to go to NYC and was all torn about how he would talk to me while he was away … and yes people, he called me from NYC, talked for no less than 2 hrs each time. It was bliss, love at first voice, a match made in heaven. He was so nice … we decided to meet … to be continued


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  1. Oh, how cruel, CD: as soon as U get into de story, U say ‘to be continued…’ Jdid linked a Collin excerpt in his post, & when ah read it, it was almost like this — except de Collin site didn’t say ‘to be continued’; it said ‘to purchase this & other stories, click here…’

  2. What???!!!! CD you’re too brave. I’ve had several online profiles, but I’ve always been too scared to exchange email addresses much less phone number.

    And what’s with this part two business man? chuups. Now I’m going to have to check every 5 minute to read the rest.

  3. When is part two, I wan’t to hear more. My online chats have never blossomed into anything, then again I’m very skeptical of how the person on the other end looks.

    LOL, Gela is right, Flavababes sounds like a Flavaflave girl!

  4. Gela, I’m having problems with the comments settings to save the info.

    MB … where do I go to choose that option? I’ve been through the dashboard and can’t seem to find it.

  5. I started using ICQ back in 1997. I was away at school and it was meant to be a cheap way to keep in touch with my peeps and of course my boyfriend at that time. Ended up chatting forever and ever with all kinds of random men. I made them send me postcards from wherever they were, which in retrospect was a very bad idea..
    Still an MSN messenger addict today..
    I await part deux..

  6. Does anyone remember Netmeeting? I remember myself and bestfriend persuading a guy to show us his dick on it. Then another time we persuaded this couple to have sex while we watch.

    Netmeeting doesn’t seem to exist anymore though.

  7. Gosh I was terrible back in the days, when I think of all the men we convinced to make a fool of themselves while we almost choke trying not to laugh out loud.

    good ole days.

  8. Gosh, I was terrible back in the days. When I think of all the people we convinced to make a fool of themselves while we almost choke with laughter and trying our best to stifle the laughter (we had mike).

    Terrible, terrible, good ole days though.

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