Internet Hook-Up Pt. Deux


You can imagine the anticipation, the anxiety of the day we planned to meet. He lived near to Utech so we agreed that I would go to his house at 1:00 p.m. He gave me the address and the directions to the house a couple days in advance. The telephone conversations we had b4 D-day were strained, always ending with “I can’t wait to meet you”. I couldn’t believe I had met someone who seemed to be so nice. I mean, he sounded like a decent guy, went to a good school, helped his mother with her restaurant business and was kinda cool. I admit he was a bit cocky … what he called “confident” but I could live with that cause I was all that and a bag of chips myself.

The meeting morning arrived. I chose my outfit carefully, ensuring that it was one of the most flattering – the jeans that showed up my very scrumptious ass, the blouse that accentuated my DD boobs just perfectly, my hair was in one as usual. As we planned to meet at 1:00 p.m. and the fact that Murphy’s Law was real, I walked with my beauty bag complete with comb, toothbrush, dental floss etc. and ensured that I didn’t eat anything that would have the potential to spill on my clothes. Yes, I’m very conscious that way especially when I have somewhere to go. Lucky for me, nothing eventful happened that would cause me to reschedule this fateful meeting – no pimple on my nose or face, no embarassing cut on my body, nothing that I would have to explain or be conscious about.

The day went by slowly. I couldn’t concentrate on any of my classes, and eventually skipped all the a.m. ones to play kalookie to relax my mind.  As the day sauntered on, 12:30 p.m.  His house was about a 15 minute drive from school so to factor in traffic and the like, I decided to leave at that time.  So, I got prepped (washed face, brushed teeth, perked up the  boobs) and went on my way.

I got to his house at about 12:55 p.m. I called him from the pay phone (no cell phone those days) at school when I was leaving so he knew to expect me at any time.  So, I parked in front of the house where the car was visible and waited.  A guy comes outside.  I wind down the glass.  The below convo:

Me:  Hey

Him: Hi.  What’s up?

Me: Nothing much.  How are you?

Him: I’m cool.

Me: Ok ... smiling and sizing him up.  Going thru my mind: him nuh too bad looking, but him voice sound different than on the phone.  I wonder if …

Him: I-guy will be out shortly ok.

The oldest trick in the book, sending his friend outside first I guess to scope me out to see if I was worth coming out of the house for … and I passed.

I-guy finally comes outside.  He’s taller than I liked or expected, cute enough.  He came to the window and said hello.  Then he asked me if I was gonna stay in the car or if I wanted to come inside.

Dum, da-dum, da-dum, dum

This was the moment of truth.  This is the point where I evaluate the possiblity of being abducted, kidnapped, raped, sodomized, held for ransom, then killed.  I got out of the car and went inside … Yeah, I’m brave like that.  Fearless they call me 🙂

We talked, he gave me orange juice to drink, showed me his room, his computer where we met, his dogs, pictures of his family and blah blah blah.  Our relationship which lasted about 1 year.  It was good while it lasted.  I would have to post about the break-up and the re-union then final break-up another time.

Hope the ending was worth the wait.


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  1. You know, when I think about it, I know I have done the same thing, met strange men, even visit them at home back in my youthful days. But somehow I’ve always been wary of people I meet on the net. So the ‘internet meetups’ don’t usually progress past that. I always fear that I might be talking to some serial killer but actually, the situations that I have placed myself in the past, I could have been talking to serial killers too, just that I didn’t meet them online.

    Hehe, I actually thought you were going to say how that relationship evolved to I-guy now being father of child.

  2. OMG! That’s exactly what ah thought, Gela. ‘Cause CD posted about her new baby recently, ah thought, “Hmmm, mayB ah know de impendin’ twist in this Internet story.” We did guess wrong!

  3. Well, when you hear about the break up and the re-union and then re-breakup, then you will see why he never had a glimmer of a chance at having the honour of being the father of my child!!!

  4. Wow CoolDestiny! If you’re as attractive as your description then I’d love to meet you. Clever girl, sending your friend first. I thought you were out of your mind when you went directly to his house.

  5. That’s not the end. I wanted more! It lasted a year….I wanna hear about the sex! Bold I know but may be in the reunion or other break up. Come on! Spill the beans, well only if he ain’t a reader.

  6. Yes, yuh wear di ketch man outfit!!! I certainly would be flattered seeing you in that outfit, judging from the description! My imagination started to work on that one!

  7. Cool Gela. I don’t know what I did. I guess I wouldn’t see the same thing you do since it’s my blog … right???? I had asked MB for help but all now mi nuh hear from him so I guess I got it all by myself!

    Yeah man, Leon, is wha yu read?

    And trust mi guys ….. that is NOT the “ketch-man outfit”.

  8. CD, I have emailed you at the email addy you sent me, didn’t you get it? Anyway, update me as to what it was that you wanted to know… you can use madbullfeva at hotmail dot com.

    Re this post now, what I want to know is, what do you mean by “perked up the boobs”. That sounds interesting! 😉

  9. Gooders Girl,
    You are so bad! The sex wasn’t much to write home about. As a matter of fact, in the 2nd breakup I confessed to him that I used to fake some of my orgasms just to get over with it already. He was not amused… you know how that can affect a man’s ego. But …. I do remember 2 very adventurous nights in his back yard with the rotweillers watching 🙂 while his mother and sister were in the house. And he wouldn’t go down on me so that was a minus sign for him as well. Bad nuh true??

    MB, that’s a phrase known by every woman. It’s the little maneuver wherein you raise your boobs just a little bit in the middle to make them look bigger. Now, with DD boobs, I really had no business “perking up” but … the more the merrier!!

  10. hey CD, I hesitated to make comment on this previously since I was waiting to find out of it was me you hooked up with. 😉 I had a similar experience where I was communicating with a very attractive young lady for a period of time. (and she was also a proud DD) Email, IM, telephone, sms, you name it and we were doing it just to stay in contact. We eventually “consumated” the friendship and for me it was great. I certainly hope she felt the same way but with ladies you never know. Sadly we were islands apart and there were prior commitments on both sides Anyway, I now count that lady who is not only beautiful on the outside but beautiful on the inside as well as being one of the bestest friends I have and I have not many friends. Lots of acquaintances but no large number of close friends. Coincidentally she recently had a baby as well. Congrats on your little one CD.

  11. Now, I don’t know if I can be with someone who refuses to go down. I’m ok with an Oral Virgin but he has to be willing to change that status or its no doing! Nah go work!

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