Morbid Meme = CD’s Funeral … Sell Offffff!!!!


OK, Island Spice has tagged me so here’s my meme on my “sellll offff” funeral.

Five Songs I want played at my funeral.

1. For my family and friends at the recessional: Africa by Toto. This song is a song that touched me a long time ago when I first heard it and I want everyone to know.

2. For the significant other. This song I had to choose carefully. I found a wonderful man and as unreal as it may sound, I hope we die together.  Reason For Breathing by Babyface.  This was our 1st song.
3. For my country: No song for my country. I didn’t contribute much to it so I’ll pass on a song for them.  On 2nd thought … I choose Welcome to Jamrock by Junior Gong.  Jamaica is the most wonderful place in the world and I’m glad I am a Jamaican no matter what all the bad mind people have to say.
4. For my fellow masqueraders at the next Carnival: I’m not into Carnival nor parties. However, my love for the oldies dictate that for all my peeps enjoy one of my favourite songs from the 70s: Funky Town by Lipps Inc.  I can just see everyone jamming to this groove …. sweeeeeetttttt … yeahhhhh babeeeee!!

5. For everyone:  I will have to say Don’t Cry For Me Argentina by Madonna.  My funeral would not be complete without a Madonna song as she is my favourite singer.  She is one of the greatest singers of all time.

A few notables:

1. Music. Everyone knows that I’m a music person, an influence from my father at a very early age.  So, any music at my funeral must be lively, cheerful.  I absolutely DO NOT want “How Great Thou Art” sung at my funeral.  The Lord’s my Shepherd – Happy Wanderer version is acceptable.  No song that is dreary and that is glorifying my death.  Happy Tunes, Happy Tunes … please.

2. Happiness. – No black is to be worn at my funeral.  As purple is my favourite colour, it is the only funeral garb that will be acceptable at my funeral.  I would also like that for souvenirs, key-rings and bookmarks with my most cheerful picture displayed on them be distributed.  I am a happy person who lives a happy life, takes joy in making other people happy and that is how I would like to be remembered.  Sure, some people will remember me for the bitch I can be, but they would have deserved it and for the most part, most people will have fond memories of me.  “To Know Me Is To Love Me” … remember?

3. Food. – BBQ Chicken Wings is a must at my funeral.  Whether it be main course or cocktails.  S&S Chicken, curry goat, ox tail, gongo rice & peas, festival, escoveitch fish complete with pepper and onion sauce, potato salad made by my BF’s mother (she does it best), manish water (very peppery please), cookies & cream ice-cream and cheese-cake topped with strawberries or blueberries.

4. Cocktails.: Stamp & Go, meatballs, samosas, breaded fish fingers
5. Kindness: Floral tributes should be orchids and yellow daisies only.  I would also like an offering to be collected and donated to a needy school.


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  1. Morbid meme indeed. Some good choices there. Why’d you have to pick one for Jamaica. The country isn’t dead…yet.

  2. Stamp & Go sounds so familiar, but mi noh rememba a wha. Luv that Toto — luv it almost as much as Rosanna, but then again both those songs sound so much alike.
    1. Mine: This World Is Not My Home
    2. Luv o’ mi life: Our wedding song: What R U Doing for the Rest of Your Life? (“North & South & East & West of your life; I have only one request of your life: that U spend it all with me. I want 2 C your face in every kind of light; in fields of gold & forests of the night; and when U stand B4 the candles on your cake, o let me B the one 2 hear the silent wish you make. Through all of your life, summer, winter, spring, & fall of your life, the only thing I will recall of your life is all of my life with U.”)
    3. For my country: “Noh Wanga Gut” by Tigey — Tigey, de tiger-cat pon de microphone stand.
    4. For everyone: The Greatest Love of All

  3. Her is how I look at it. The minute you feel that you have to start snooping (men or women) the relationship is probably dead – can sometimes revive but most times its dead

  4. Good one. Manish water .. how Jamaican. Never could stomach the stuff .. even with pepper. ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’ is THE most egotistic farewell song.. we should all ‘demand to be buried like Eva Peron’…I see you have a lil drama queen in you too.. 🙂
    @ Meldoy .. ‘No wanga gut’ .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! excellent!

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