Exotic Dancing


Exotic dancing has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a young, inexperienced girl. I always thought that it was one of the sexiest expressions of desire, raunch and just raw unadulterated passion. Over the years, I have watched many a movies with exotic dancers, watched many a dancehall channels, watched Showgirls. Needless to say, I also spent hours in front of the mirror perfecting my moves in order to deliver that thrill of a performance for the lucky man worth the effort and display of undying love. I thought it such a pity that I did not have poles in my room as the possibilities would have been even more endless!!

The irony is with all that practicing which started in my latter teen years, I never found a man worthy of me revealing this side of me to them until a little over 5 years ago. I once said that when you are in love, truly in love, not infatuated, in love, that there should be no holds barred, all inhibitions should fly through the window. When you are with someone that you love and trust, and believe that both emotions and feelings are reciprocated to your satisfaction, there is nothing that should be taboo to the both of you … and that’s what I found in my very wonderful man. He’s such a lucky fellow … and he knows it.

Any other exotic dancers in tha house???? I’m thinking Gooders Girl might fit the bill …


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  1. *Applause* CD .. you’s a girl after meh own heart yes. I agree 100% .. when its real there should be nothing thats taboo. Thats when the good part starts.. I am not an exotic dancer on the sly.. but I do get up to all kinds of other fun stuff…

  2. Exotic dancing huh. Should convince my girl to try it. Never saw “Showgirls.” Always wanted to (for obviouys reasons).

  3. No pole don’t necessary, except… I’ve got mi own ‘dancer’ routine that ah do once in a while. Just adds a nice element, & ah can always modify it a bit. Ideas come from everywhere.

  4. True, CD, nothing taboo in the bedroom between committed people. I’ve never really considered a pole, although I can see where that can be fun. Have always wanted a mirror in the ceiling of my bedroom though. My voyeuristic (ah so it spell though?) side extends even to watching me!

  5. Have never really thought about having a pole. But now that you mention it, that should be fun. Did you watch Our Voices where Carlene and crew were wondering if the hotel room named after model Nadine had a pole in it? I’ve always wanted to have a mirror in the ceiling of my bedroom though. My voyeuristic tendencies extend even to watching me!

  6. Never thought about the pole, can see where that would be fun though but always wanted a ceiling mirror in my bedroom

  7. Hey CD, can you fix it that my comments are accepted with my new email address? gela12ja@hotmail.com

    I realize that the reason my comments weren’t accepted was because I was using a different (the above) address. I draw that conclusion because it accepted when I use the old address.

    Hope this is accepted. If not, going to storm of and not come back! 🙂

    Ok, never thought of a pole but always wanted a ceiling mirror in bedroom.

  8. Gela, let me see what I can do with the comments.

    Oh yes, the very erotic cieling mirror … definitely a must in my dream house, in fact, I think I want a room with just mirrors. Can you imagine the ecstasy!!

  9. Gela, I found all your comments waiting to be moderated, I guess because of the new email address. I’ve approved them all so they all appear and you shouldn’t have a problem going forward. I like wordpress. It really does it’s job in helping prevent spam comments. Sorry you were affected … AN’ YU BETTA COME BACK … AHOA!!

  10. Hmmm, well I practice too! Used to dance a little for my Ex and he used to pay me! How I used to get my pocket money LOL!

    There should be no taboos and I have known some guys with some fantasies. There used to be this guy who used like taking me in a dress! and another who used to like me to whip him, with a whip ALOT! Old stories, anyway In my house I am gonna have a pole, it is excellent exercise and I think it’s sexy. VERY.

  11. Lawdhaffmurcy! All those comments look like ah stalking yu now, hehe. I didn’t think it was comment moderation cuz usually when there is, there’s a note saying so. Ok then.

  12. Well y’all better remember that some women have fantasies about men dancing for them…..I’ve been known as “GG” in my time….short for GoGo.
    Ya feel me 🙂

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